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Video in Social Media: an interview with Jonathan Kitchen of Brave Bison

You don't have to be too intelligent to figure out that video is playing a bigger and bigger role in social media these days. Here are a few statistics that paint the picture:

  • 1.57 billion YouTube users watch 5 billion videos on average every single day. 
  • Over 500 million...
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5 tips for great Facebook Lead Ads that convert

If your business has a focus on lead generation, you need to be using Facebook Lead ads. Lead ads are an innovative Facebook ad format that make forms simpler for users and more valuable for business.

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5 tips for keeping Relevance Score high

Relevance Relevance Score is a tool provided by Facebook, centered on the relationship between your ad and its target audience. It’s a number from 1-10 (1 being very bad and 10 being very good) which you should keep an eye on when optimizing your campaigns.

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Advertising and the GDPR: an interview with Matthias Matthiesen of IAB Europe

As of today, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in just 50 days.

Now, before those eyes glaze over at what can be a pretty mind-numbing topic, here's why you (as a social media advertiser) need to listen in!

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5 'other' social networks and what advertising looks like

Here at MakeMeReach, we’re always talking about the big four social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

So we thought - why not something a little different? In the latest episode of our 'Hello Social Ad-dicts' podcast, we've covered  5 of the social networks you might not hear as much about -...

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Social ad-dicts podcast

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Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Tuesday morning commute.

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Meet Anne, PR & Events Manager at MakeMeReach

Anne enjoys working at MakeMeReach so much that this is actually her second stint at the company! As our PR & Events Manager, Anne is an asset to the team. Apart from her excellent input into our Friday music playlists and great Slack banter, Anne is a real team player who gets stuck in and does what needs to be done...

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Share your thoughts on the future of social ads, and win!

Advertising on social media has come a long way. Facebook only made mobile ads available to brands in 2012, and lookalike audiences in 2013. Instagram introduced its first ads in November 2013 and then rolled out video ads just under a year later. Twitter introduced promoted tweets for the first time in April 2010 and...

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Not using Snapchat in your marketing mix? Here's why that's a mistake!

Snapchat is the only social network where users don’t feel judged. People don’t care about getting as many likes or followers as their friends. The fact that people can’t access others’ metrics means there is simply no competition.

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