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The Online Ads Blog sees cross-channel, international success with We Europeans campaign is a European civic tech organization whose mission is to mobilize citizens to positively transform society.

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Get more from your Twitter ads on MakeMeReach!

MakeMeReach gives you the tools you need to take a unified approach to your online advertising. With our intuitive platform, it's easy to run and optimize campaigns and to build reports across networks, and you see the big picture of your online advertising in one place. MakeMeReach also provides you with powerful...

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Summer Series LIVE: Artificial intelligence in digital advertising

Artificial intelligence is changing digital advertising today in big ways, impacting everything from optimization to creative to measurement and more. 

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6 tips for high-performing creatives in your online ads

The success of your online ads depends on many factors, from ad placement, to objectives, to audiences and more. And while all of these aspects play into your online advertising success, your creatives are what draw people in and convey the message you’re trying to communicate. Simply put, creatives are key to ad...

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Summer Series LIVE: Building cross-network campaigns, with Different Roads

MakeMeReach CMO Joe Sweeney sat down with Matias Gaffoglio, CMO at Travel Tales Factory (Different Roads and the Wanderlust Store) for the second episode of our Summer Series LIVE to talk about building a cross-channel ads strategy. 

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Different Roads maximize full-funnel performance with Google & Facebook ad synergies

Different Roads is a travel brand created in 2009 by a team of enthusiastic travelers who decided to make their passion for getting to know the world a way of life. They create and sell ‘craft trips’ to help travelers discover the secret corners of popular destinations at competitive prices, meeting new friends...

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Introducing the ultimate guide to AI & digital advertising

Artificial Intelligence is busy shaping the world around us, and it's changing digital advertising by leaps and bounds. Marketing runs on data, and the machines and algorithms we have today can process and leverage that data more quickly and efficiently than unassisted humans ever could.

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Join us for our Summer Series LIVE

Starting on 16 July, we're hosting a series of weekly Facebook LIVEs to help you get more from your digital advertising. Whether you're at the beach or still at work, join us for some light-hearted learning this July & August!

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