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7 common Facebook ad mistakes

We don’t need to tell you how powerful Facebook’s advertising solutions are. With a huge user base of nearly 2.5 billion, whatever audience you want to reach probably has a presence on the network. And with its advanced targeting and wide choice of ad formats, you have lots of...

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5 practical tips to decrease your CPA

The average cost-per-acquisition varies a lot from industry to industry, but no matter what type of business you’re in, and no matter the social network you’re advertising on, acquiring customers for less will always be a goal. The less you spend on getting new customers, the greater your margin.

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MakeMeReach delivers creative insights to Birchbox UK through stories ads test

Birchbox is a gift that keeps on giving. Founded in New York City in 2010, it offers an online monthly subscription service box of four to five customizable samples of makeup, or other beauty related products. Keeping you up to date with the hottest beauty releases whilst saving you time and effort, Birchbox is...

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AI recommendations: making cross-network optimization easy

As a digital advertiser, you’re always looking for ways to further improve performance and get more out of your ad spend. It’s a constant search for the tweaks that could lead to fresh success.

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Meet Férial, product owner at MakeMeReach!

We’re happy to introduce you to Férial, Product Owner for the campaign creation flow here at MakeMeReach. Since she joined the team this summer, Férial has been responsible, along with the rest of the product team, for building an ever better platform that helps our clients save time and drive better results for their...

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Major French retailer streamlines their strategy and unlocks potential with MakeMeReach

Previously working with three agencies, a high-end French prêt-a-porter brand for women with hundreds of boutiques around the world turned to the MakeMeReach Managed Service team to streamline and modernize their paid social ads strategy. They also wanted to simplify their overall performance tracking.

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Unlock your Facebook ads potential at our workshop!

Social media is a key piece of the puzzle in driving sales for retail businesses, be it online or offline. Today, 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help with their purchasing decisions. And for Generation Z—the next wave of consumers—social media is the number one way they discover new brands, outpacing TV,...

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2020 vision: social ad trends to pay attention to this year

Seeing success with your digital advertising means keeping up with the pace of change in ad features, tools, and trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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