Leveraging the power of Facebook’s Dynamic Ads with MakeMeReach

DA (Dynamic Ads, formerly DPA) is a powerful retargeting product from Facebook, capable of handling different use cases, such as retargeting for products, hotels, or destinations. In this article, we will focus on product retargeting.

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Launching the MakeMeReach blog

We’re launching the MakeMeReach blog, a space dedicated to paid social media and to the MakeMeReach platform. As a proud Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Partner, we will share here all our knowledge on the latest opportunities offered by social media marketing, and how it can be implemented on MMR.

The first article we’ll publish will be about Facebook’s DPA feature, as we foresee dynamic ads will be a key driver of the ecosystem’s growth in the coming quarters.

Other topics will include bidding, campaign strategy, objectives (e.g. how to run efficient Facebook Website Conversion campaigns), advanced tracking, cross-device attribution, and many more.

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