Facebook Ads Campaign Setup Tips for the Holiday Season


As we’re entering the last part of the year, advertisers have to put in place new strategies in order to reach their goals. It’s not easy, as competition dramatically increases at this period of the year. Last year, we saw a 44.5% increase in CPMs in the last two months of the year, vs. the average CPM of the other months. Yet, some of our clients generated their best results ever, at scale.

Here are some of the bidding, and campaign setup advice we gave them.

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How to deploy a paid social tool within a global organization


For a global company, managing social advertising at scale is often a complex challenge. At MakeMeReach, we have a track record of helping our clients scale and expand globally. Whether it is thanks to our built-in team management features, or to our Customer Success team, we’ve helped some clients to expand their activity to more than 70 markets.

Many questions arise when going global becomes a subject:

Should you use a centralized or decentralized team? How can you leverage the learning of your last campaigns in South Africa across all the other markets? How can you implement a global strategy? How can you deploy the same tailored workflow across your teams?

This article will give you our best tips and directions!

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