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Generating leads at scale with Facebook Lead Ads

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15 Dec, 2016


Lead Ads were introduced as a new campaign objective by Facebook in mid-2015. This new mobile-first format's aim was to drive better performance by reducing the inherent friction of traditional lead generation flows. Such performance gains have been made possible by allowing users to conveniently and confidently share their contact details with businesses.

Why use Lead Ads?

In terms of performances, we usually see a drop of up to 50% in Cost Per Lead (CPL) for Facebook Lead Ads campaigns compared to traditional lead-gen campaigns, using off-Facebook landing pages. No wonder why this format was one of the fastest growing on MakeMeReach in 2016, and why more and more advertisers are getting on board.

"It's a frictionless ad unit, very useful for slow connection users, which can happen much more than you'd think on mobile. More than anything, users are at ease because the whole flow happens within Facebook"

As suggested in our previous article about optimizing your delivery for the holiday season, using Lead Ads is also a way to use the new optimization goal 'Leads' for oCPM (oCPM on Leads) which means that - like for Post Engagement - Facebook is able to extensively optimize the delivery and performance on this format. Why? Since the leads are entirely generated on Facebook, there is little surprise in the suscription flow, and the algorithm can predict which user will end up converting more easily than it could with an off site conversion campaign. As it's easier, the delivery gets better. Subsequently, the algorithm learns faster, picks the right ad opportunities and generates more leads for the same budget. So where's the catch?

Well, nowhere! There are just a few things to bear in mind in order to generate the most optimal results:

  1. Make sure your flow is not misleading, and qualifies the users. You can for instance use a context card to add some background to your Lead Ads campaign.
  2. More leads might mean lower average quality due to extra leads that would never have bothered registering if their details were not already filled in. The drop in quality, if any, should be far smaller than the volume gain.
  3. Make sure you're able to processes a high number of leads, as you might get more than usual (up to 2x for the same budget)

Then, we would recommend you to proceed with an initial test campaign to assess lead quality and make sure the conversion flow you define works well in your case. This is extremely easy if you're able to process leads using the CSV lead export available on MakeMeReach's campaign report page or from your Facebook Page. If you need instant lead processing - even for your test, you'll have to setup a connection between your CRM and Facebook, either using the existing integrations or a custom one using Web Hooks if your CRM is not already integrated.

Launching a simple Lead Ads campaign

If you want to run your first test, the simplest Lead Ads implementation has a few requirements:

  • You need to be admin of the Facebook Page you'll use to run your campaign and create your form (or have access via flexible permissioning)
  • You need to accept the Facebook Lead Ads terms and conditions for this Facebook Page

Then, you can use the MakeMeReach platform to start creating your form, and then the Ad Template promoting this form. This will result in the following flow, user side:

leadadimage The Facebook Lead Ads user flow (with context card). Click on the image for full screen.

If you are a MakeMeReach user, the full documentation is available in the Help Center or via your Account Manager.

Leveraging Lead Ads at scale

The real deal with generating leads, is being able to process them automatically. Once your initial test has shown great results, you can (need to) think bigger, and should automate your lead gen activity as much as possible. Facebook offers several tools to do this, depending on the use case.

  • If you just need to sync the leads to your CRM, then use an existing or a custom integration
  • If you want to use Lead Ads to generate registrations on your site, use Lead Ads Continued Flow.

Both can be used in conjunction, however it is important to note that the latter should not be used for sync purposes, as the CRM integration or Web Hooks are far better for this.

Sync your Facebook Lead Ads leads with your CRM

Facebook is already integrated with some of the main CRMs out there, including but not limited to:

SalesForce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Mailchimp and workflow automation tools like Zapier (requires a Zapier Premium account). If you are using one of these tools, then the integration will be simple and you're ready to automate your Facebook Lead Ads processing for scale!

Leverage Lead Ads to generate registrations, using Continued Flow

Generating registrations on your site is simple with Lead Ads. This is basically what happens:

  1. The user engages with the Lead Ad
  2. At the end of the flow, they are redirected to your landing page
  3. Your landing page captures the user details forwarded upon redirection
  4. You either pre-fill a form with the incoming data, or completely log the user in your service, and send them a generated password via email

Facebook Lead Ads Continued Flow is extremely useful to simplify your registration process, as end users don't have to fill a painful form to start using your service. Yet, the lower the friction, the more you need to have a good marketing automation strategy to efficiently onboard and nurture your extra leads.

Ultimately, Facebook Lead Ads are a no-brainer for diversifying your lead generation strategy, as well as for generating more leads for your business, at scale. Not using Lead Ads is like not delivering on Instagram, or not targeting the mobile placement: a missed opportunity. Hopefully this will resonate within the FOMO crowd :)

If collecting quality leads for your business is key, and you haven't started using Facebook Lead ads yet, it's better late than never to get started! Drop us a line for advice and more info on Lead Ads.

Haven't started using Facebook Lead Ads Yet? Try them now!

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