The MakeMeReach story as told by its founders


In 2009, Pierre-François Chiron, a French engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, decided to leave his position as the Program Manager at Intercim (acquired by Dassault) to create MakeMeReach. He felt that Facebook was going to be huge and had the idea of developing and monetizing games for brands on this network. Oasis, NRJ and Orange were some of their clients.

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Facebook Canvas Campaigns in a minute with MakeMeReach

Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products.
MakeMeReach is one of the first Facebook Partner to offer automatic tools for Canvas campaigns creation and management.
Let’s see what makes this format so special and how your business could benefit from it!

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How Facebook is solving the digital advertising quality problem


Quality pays in a broken ecosystem. This is true in mobile, where it’s hard not to see that the App Store’s walled garden is a key factor in iOS’s success. In a world where users want safety and quality that is on par with Apple’s products, it makes sense for all 3rd parties to be well vetted. The same goes for digital advertising, which we know is fundamentally broken.

What can one do to really fix the digital advertising ecosystem, if this ecosystem is built on shaky foundations? What if only another walled garden could be the solution?

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