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Facebook Canvas Campaigns in a minute with MakeMeReach

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17 Feb, 2017

Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products.

MakeMeReach is one of the first Facebook Partner to offer automatic tools for Canvas campaigns creation and management.

Let’s see what makes this format so special and how your business could benefit from it!

In Canvas, people can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic images and zoom in to view images in detail.

Fashion brands, and automotive or tech products as well, can be described better in such a format. Advertisers can go into detail on their brand universe or their tech product features. Imagine if you could navigate through panoramic images promoting a hotel in Bali. Or think about a virtual visit to a car's interior. The possibilities are endless!

MakeMeReach started using Canvas almost a year before its official launch. We were part of the Alpha and Beta versions. Having started earlier than the other partner platforms, we developed a fully automated flow to enable our users to quickly and easily create their Canvas campaigns.

We also tested it with chosen brands to better understand what users are looking for when clicking on a Canvas.

We believe in this immersive format and think that today, this is one of the most engaging formats among Facebook ads.

Do you want to launch your own Facebook Canvas campaign with us in a minute?

Want to launch your own Facebook Canvas Campaign in seconds? Discover MakeMeReach

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