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The MakeMeReach story as told by its founders

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23 Feb, 2017


In 2009, Pierre-François Chiron, a French engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, decided to leave his position as the Program Manager at Intercim (acquired by Dassault) to create MakeMeReach. He felt that Facebook was going to be huge and had the idea of developing and monetizing games for brands on this network. Oasis, NRJ and Orange were some of their clients.

In 2011, when the company became an Official Facebook Partner, Pierre-François and Pierre-Lou Dominjon (who, until then, was Product Owner at MakeMeReach), envisioned Facebook Ads as the next big thing. Initially, it was not only because the Facebook Ads native tool was becoming more solid, but also because mobile usage was exponentially increasing. They decided to tweak the company a bit - they became associates, and they changed the MakeMeReach platform into what we know it today.

2012 was therefore focused on R&D. Thanks to their strong partnership with Facebook and their already existing relationship with advertisers, they’ve developed a platform that can add real value to the Facebook native ads tool, which fits perfectly with clients' needs.

12 months of intense development later, the MakeMeReach platform was launched. Success was immediate: only a few months later, the company was vetted by Facebook as a Preferred Marketing Developer for the Ads category. In 6 months the company made hundreds of thousands of dollars of run rate and reached several million in just 12 months! The two founders then confirmed that they had entered a huge market with endless opportunities.

2014 was the year of a new social platform integration: Twitter. MakeMeReach was one of the first companies to get the 2 famous accreditations from both Facebook and Twitter. The company did not stop there. One year later, they received the 3rd most sought after accreditation for social ads: Instagram. It’s now one of the few social ad tech solutions to have the 3 accreditations.

Make Me Reach was  acquired by Perion in 2015


In 2015, all the excellent work they started in 2012 was rewarded: Perion Network LTD (nasdaq listed company) contacted Pierre-François and Pierre-Lou for acquisition. Perion had an ambitious project: to buy different companies all over the world in order to build an offer that covered the whole ads sector, from ad network exchange to social ads. The two founders accepted Perion’s offer without any regrets: day after day, Perion brings a lot of resources that only an international group can provide. It’s about being able to provide support when we want to enter a new geographic market, and to get us the most advanced technologies that can keep our company growing super fast.

For the past 2 years, the company has continued its exponential growth by developing highly advanced features, providing tailor-made solutions to thousands of clients in at least 100 hundred countries, and keeping what makes its spirit so unique: staying close to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, listening to clients, and imagining the future.

Meet the founders


Where do you see MakeMeReach in 3 years?

Pilou:On Mars
PF:We are already one of the leaders in Europe, so we clearly have the ambition to be in the global Top 3

What will make you succeed in this mission (not Mars, the Top 3)?

PF:Most definitely our team. We have an incredible performance energy: with much less employees than some of our competitors, we develop many more things. We are so agile that we can develop new features in just a few hours or days. This innovative spirit is what guides us every day. And when you add to it investment from our group Perion, the potential becomes huge.”
Pilou: “It’s in our DNA to innovate: we don’t fear taking big decisions. And having Perion supporting us enables us to innovate more easily and to enter new markets. Because of this, not only do we have offices in France, Italy, Spain, UK and Germany, we also have them in Dubai and the US. And we can tell you that we are not yet done!

What do you like about working at MakeMeReach?

Pilou:Macarons. And a good portion of 'pièce-montée'.”
Pilou: “Augustin. And a good portion of 'pièce-démontée'.”
PF:More seriously, our spirit first. We just came back from our Offsite in Courchevel and we feel like a family. Being able to work so efficiently in such a positive mindset is a luxury and we do everything we can to keep it that way every day. I also love working in this startups/ tech/ agencies ecosystem. It’s super-stimulating to work closely with the most innovative teams across the world. I’m not only talking about our clients, but also our partners. We are at the crossroads of Facebook, Twitter, disruptive startups, famous brands and creative agencies.

What could be more vibrant than that...?

If you want to build the future of social ads with us, just look at our open positions.

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