Meet Prachya, our Head of Managed-Service, known as “the master of ping pong”


We have earlier introduced you to the MakeMeReach story told by its founders so you can know more about us and embrace the MakeMeReach spirit. On that matter, we are launching “MakeMeAStar”, a series of portraits, throwing light upon a member of the team on our blog. Let’s meet our first interviewee: Prachya, our Head of Managed-Service!

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MakeMeReach tested Collection and results are very promising


As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we regularly get the chance to beta test new ad formats, with our clients, in advance of their release. Collection was one of them, and today, for the official launch of this new ad format, we are happy to share our beta test learnings.

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Quickly transform your existing creatives into Vertical Video Ads

The vertical mobile video format is not very common yet. Thus, advertisers are facing a big challenge when they want to create ads for Instagram stories.

However, they should not think that a completely new creative is necessary. Easy and quick solutions exist, and MakeMeReach is currently offering it for free to all its clients!

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We have a special message


Today we are thrilled to announce that we just hit a new milestone at MakeMeReach.

After integrating our platform with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we are now offering Ads in Messenger. We are proud to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partner to offer this option to its clients. Continue reading

MakeMeReach Workshop: Focus on CANVAS Ads


MakeMeReach is hosting an exclusive workshop on Facebook Canvas Ads.

April, the 7th – 9:30am to 10:30 am

With Alessandro Brunelli, Social Ads Expert at MakeMeReach

94 rue de Provence – 75009 PARIS
Also on Facebook Live


Only 25 seats available.

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Ads in Instagram Stories: Official launch and First Tests


Instagram offers a place to people and businesses to share their everyday and epic moments. Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories has enabled businesses to get to the next step by bringing their stories to life in another, more ephemeral way. Continue reading