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We have a special message

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15 Feb, 2017


Today we are thrilled to announce that we just hit a new milestone at MakeMeReach.

After integrating our platform with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we are now offering Ads in Messenger. We are proud to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partner to offer this option to its clients.

Messenger, or the next big thing

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Messenger has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing social platforms.

Facebook has been slowly enhancing the ways businesses can privately communicate with people since late 2011. Messenger now gives brands an unprecedented way to build personal connections with their customers: users can connect with businesses to schedule appointments, ask questions about their products and services and more.


A 3 steps user experience

MMR_Blog_Ads_in_FB_Messenger (1).png

STEP 1: Facebook News Feed Ads that open a Messenger conversation

The first step before connecting with your users in Messenger is to connect in their Facebook feed. You will target them with an “Ads that open a conversation” type.

When a person clicks or taps on your ad in News Feed, a conversation with your business will immediately open in the Messenger app (if the person is on a mobile device) or on the web (if the person is on a desktop computer). People can return to this message conversation at any time on any device with Messenger installed to continue the conversation.

STEP 2: Welcome messages

As soon as they clicked on this first ad in their feed, users open a conversation in their Messenger app.

Brands have to welcome them with a specific message: text, images, and different buttons can be added. You can offer to call them back, you can link to a specific page on your website, invite them to login in your app, find the closest store selling your products, or for brands that already have bots, trigger some specific actions.

Only with MakeMeReach will brands be able to retrieve previous welcome messages. As for your creative libraries, you will be able to find past messages and won’t have to start over for each campaign you create.

STEP 3: Sponsored messages

Once you have started the conversation with users in their Messenger, you’re gonna be able to retarget them every time you want.

Sponsored messages can be sent one week after the conversation start to reactivate the lead, but it can also be seen as a new way to communicate, at scale, with customers and prospects. You can use your ad to promote new or seasonal offerings and engage your customers in a personal real-time conversation.

In term of format, sponsored messages benefit from the most advanced feature of the MakeMeReach platform: complex A/B testing, automatic creation flow, and engagement optimization.

Proud of our engineers

Our product and tech teams have been working hard for the past weeks to integrate this new platform. Thanks to our close partnership with Facebook (MakeMeReach is one of the few official Facebook Marketing Partner) they have been able to nicely leverage the hard work they made for Facebook integration, but this does not mean they did not face some big challenges. Before releasing this new offer, they have been working to have the perfect user experience, as friendly as on our other ads channels.

MakeMeReach Ads in Messenger platform demo.MakeMeReach Ads in Messenger platform demo.

“It’s a big milestone for MakeMeReach and I’m very proud of our engineers. Now we will start launching the first campaigns with our clients and learn from this completely new way of doing ads. I can see amazing things happening with the combination of Ads, Bots, and hyper-targeted offer.”

Pierre-François Chiron, MakeMeReach CEO
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