Quickly transform your existing creatives into Vertical Video Ads

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16 Mar, 2017

The vertical mobile video format is not very common yet. Thus, advertisers are facing a big challenge when they want to create ads for Instagram stories.

However, they should not think that a completely new creative is necessary. Easy and quick solutions exist, and MakeMeReach is currently offering it for free to all its clients!

Above is an example of how MakeMeReach re-used existing creatives from Raymour and Flanigan to create a successful ad for Instagram Stories.

Both for Instagram and Snapchat, advertisers can use the following easy and quick solutions to re-use their existing horizontal creatives to create vertical ads.

  • use 2 videos to create one: they can be the same and play the same scene or start at different moments
  • split the screen in 4 if the video is fitted for that
  • mix the video with other elements such as text, photo,  illustrations… and a common background that creates consistency
  • create a video with animated pictures
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