MakeMeReach tested Collection and results are very promising

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24 Mar, 2017


As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we regularly get the chance to beta test new ad formats, with our clients, in advance of their release. Collection was one of them, and today, for the official launch of this new ad format, we are happy to share our beta test learnings.

A retail and e-commerce oriented ad

As Collection is a shopping oriented type of ad, we think that the verticals that will find the format most relevant will be retail and e-commerce DR advertisers with a product catalog.

VELASCA COLLECTION AD ON FACEBOOKThe ad format pairs a hero video or image with a row of four products below it to drive a user from inspiration to action within a single experience. Particularly useful for highlighting a runway show with related products, featuring new product release with related products to encourage cross-selling, or doing a demo/tutorial of product sets.

The 4 products shown in News Feed are either arranged manually or ranked based on the likelihood of purchase. The fourth image has a ’More’ CTA to encourage further consideration.

That leverages an instant full-screen experience in the post-click


Users who tap on the ad unit in the News Feed are taken to a full-screen, fast-loading shopping experience where they can browse up to 50 products. This deeply engaging mobile shopping experience helps marketers generate strong demand and intent among customers, who are then more likely to purchase once they tap on a product and land on the product detail page on the advertiser’s mobile site or app.

Early - and outstanding - results with Hawkers Co. +  MakeMeReach

Hawkers Co. is a Spanish brand that sells sunglasses using the Internet as its distribution channel.

In March 2017, thanks to MakeMeReach’s early integration of Collection, they were one of the first to test this ad format on Facebook.

To run this test on Collection, Hawkers launched two campaigns on the MakeMeReach platform:

  • a regular photo ad
  • a Collection ad format that paired a hero image with a row of four products below

The texts they used were exactly the same, the hero images were the same, but the results were clearly different!

  • +51% ROI with Collection

  • -30% Cost per purchase for users coming from Collection

  • +86% in engagement for Collection ad format

"Until now, the photo ads were the best performing ads type for Hawkers Co. and we were perfectly satisfied. So having such higher results with Collection is very very impressive – and promising-  for us!"

- Axel Ramirez, advertiser at Hawkers Co.

Pro tips and next steps


  • We recommend engaging creative such as video or rich imagery.
  • Upload product catalog and product set with eight or more related products to convey the promise of ‘More’ in the ad within the News Feed, give people an opportunity to browse for more products that are personalized to each user, and to better drive purchase consideration.
  • To offer a cohesive storytelling, ensure that the products shown in the hero image or video also appear on the product cards.
  • With MakeMeReach, no need to build the post-click experience: the products are all dynamically populated from your product catalog’s product set.


For now, just Website Clicks (also known as ’Traffic’) and Website Conversions objectives are available. An advertiser can track ’Link Clicks’, which will reflect the number of clicks on the ad in News Feed.

Next steps

Collection is the reflection of two big trends: growth in video DR and mobile-first shopping. By launching it today, Facebook gives marketers a way to drive mobile shopping from a video, uninterrupted.

At MakeMeReach, we believe it will be one of the key purchase drivers for retailers and e-commerce in the coming month. Our intuitive tool can make you start using Collection in a minute. And as our Experts team tested it in advance with our BetaProgram, we can advise you on how to leverage this new format.

Don’t wait to innovate in the way you present your products and convert prospects into actual customers!

Want to try out Collection? Test it Here!

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