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Meet Prachya, our Head of Managed-Service, known as "the master of ping pong"

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28 Mar, 2017


We have earlier introduced you to the MakeMeReach story told by its founders so you can know more about us and embrace the MakeMeReach spirit. On that matter, we are launching "MakeMeAStar", a series of portraits, throwing light upon a member of the team on our blog. Let's meet our first interviewee: Prachya, our Head of Managed-Service!

He will sure deny his title though telling, “I’m actually the second-best ping-pong player at MakeMeReach. Benjamin, our Business Developer based in Dubai is way better than me but since he is not that often in our Paris offices, people tend to see me as their toughest competition!”. But trust us when we tell you he is as agile with a ping pong bat as with ad performance metrics. Look at his moves!


One could say Prachya might embody the MakeMeReach spirit. Born in Thailand and raised in Paris suburbs, he is a very multicultural person, even more when you take into account that he lived in Dublin for half a year and has travelled a lot. His origins and background enable him to speak nearly four languages: French, English, Thaï and he “used to speak Spanish” back when he was studying.

Capture d_écran 2017-03-22 à 15.14.17 Prachya back in the days, working for big companies, all suit up

“I grew up within MakeMeReach while the company was growing itself”

Prachya joined MakeMeReach in September 2014, right after graduating. Before that, he had some work experience in big companies such as KR Media, Ubisoft and Michelin which helped him define what he wanted to do for a living: working in digital advertising, and particularly in social media.

His daily job consists in working directly for clients who entrust the company with their resources, creating and adapting their social media campaigns depending on their needs, and optimizing them thanks to the MakeMeReach platform and expertise.

There were no more than a dozen employees at MakeMeReach when Prachya started working here. Three years after, the company has rocketed the market and the workforce has almost tripled to support this growth; and Prachya was promoted Head of Managed-Service along the way.  At 27 years old, he is now managing a group of five people: Maxime, Samira, Alessandro, Carla and Adrien.

Prachya 4 The MakeMeReach team around the time Prachya joined the company

Aside from being in charge of his own client accounts, he oversees the whole account management team. This means, among other tasks, dispatching the accounts between the team members, making sure with the Sales team that everything goes fine with the onboarding of new clients and keeping track of the ad performances of each client account.

“My top priority is client satisfaction”

And everything he does as a manager goes down from that top priority: keep the clients happy. That means providing the right guidance to his team members and be there for them as much as possible so they can grow professionally and deliver great performance. Of course there are some objectives to achieve in terms of numbers but Prachya insists on the importance of both professional and personal developments within his team and the company in general.

The goal is to drive his team in the right direction so they can fly on their own. Prachya is therefore close to his team, and to the MakeMeReach people in general.

Prachya 6 Prachya face-swaping with Pierre-Lou, one of our co-founders

That is what motivates him to wake up every morning and go spend the day at the office. Plus, “there is really nobody that I do not like at MakeMeReach. Seriously, I enjoy everybody!”.

In short, his management style goes along with the MakeMeReach spirit: “The top management’s main objective is to keep this energy, this good vibe that makes it so particular to work at MakeMeReach, although we keep growing and expanding our business. And this growth, this development, this good vibe are only possible because we have the good people to do that”

MakeMeReach is today one of the biggest forces in the business in Europe, and aims at becoming one of the major players in the world, if not in the universe, including Mars. And Prachya is ready to get there. He clearly pictures himself evolving within the company as he is “learning more and more stuff everyday”.

IMG_0228 Prachya, at the center of the picture, with all the team during the offsite organized at Courchevel

Are yourself eager to learn as Prachya and looking for a new challenge in paid social media? Then please note he is currently hiring a new Account Manager to join his team.

Anyway, if you ever bump into Prachya, there are still a few things you need to know about him: 


Think you have what it takes to join MakeMeReach? Apply Here!

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