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Helicopter View: Social ads reporting will never be the same with MakeMeReach

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3 Apr, 2017


Since our launch, our mission has always been to make our users' lives easier.

Reporting is one of the most time-consuming missions for performance marketers. And depending on each company and team habits and needs, the report itself could and should be custom.

Thinking about how we could present social ads campaigns results in the best way and help marketers save a lot of time, we have developed a unique feature: the Helicopter View.

Introducing the new helicopter view

The Helicopter View is a powerful data analysis and reporting tool that allows users to generate dynamic reports, using data from all their ad accounts, across platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). This means you can get a complete understanding of your performances, just from this specific tool, even if you're using dozens of ad accounts, on multiple social channels!

Like you would have a global view on all your fields from the sky, you have a global view on all your ads with MakeMeReach.

HV.pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View

Starting today, MakeMeReach’s platform users can define this view as the new homepage for all.

The helicopter view widgets

Each dashboard is entirely customizable as it is made with a succession of widgets that the user chose. Widgets can even be grouped into different families.

Different type of widgets are available:

    • Charts (pie, bar, lines, tree),
    • Campaigns assets (tops, creative center…),
    • Tables (data table, campaign list…).

Some widgets enable the user to analyze the evolution of important metrics such as cost per installs, spend, CPC, impressions…, during a specific time period. Those widgets can be lines and lines&columns for instance.

Pasted image at 2017_02_22 06_30 PM (2).pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - LINES widget

Some others enable the user to compare ads performances depending on their specificities. Those can be pie and 2d pie widgets type.

Pasted image at 2017_03_30 05_43 PM.pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - PIE widget
Pasted image at 2017_02_22 06_30 PM (1).pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - 2nd PIE widget

Some even more advanced widgets enable users to do all at once: those can be comparison lines or tables.



MakeMeReach Helicopter View  - COMPARAISON CURVES widget
Pasted image at 2017_02_22 06_34 PM.pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - TABLE widget

In the very useful list of widgets, you will also find:

  • Campaigns lists: to get a global overview of all your campaigns at a glance,
  • Top widgets: to know which creative asset is the most performing one (you will set the objective for the performance: it can be based on CPC, CPI...),
toppictures.pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - TOP widget
  • Tree vision widget: you can generate reports based on criteria that you didn’t use in the segmentation of your campaign.
Pasted image at 2017_02_22 06_28 PM.pngMakeMeReach Helicopter View  - TREE VISION widget

The Helicopter View is one single page, that is automatically refreshed in real-time.

100% custom & shareable

Customization of your Helicopter View Homepage

The Helicopter View could not be more flexible since on each dashboard you can:

  • Independently filter the results for each widget based on a specific rule or filter them in bulk to save time. Examples of advanced filters:
    • Restrict to campaigns with specific objective(s)/bying type(s)/status/etc,
    • Show FB/TW ad accounts only,
    • Show ad accounts on some specific time zones/currencies/etc.
  • Change the time period for each widget or for many at once.
  • Change the time unit: day, week, month or year.
  • Set objectives directly in the widget. For instance set a maximum CPC at 0,2€ or a daily budget spent at 1000€.
  • Chose the currency for each metric no matter where the ad account is based: our automatic currency conversion tool will enable you to see all your metrics with the same currency. A very powerful tool combined with comparison curves to understand, even across countries, good and bad performances.

In terms of design, you can also customize your Helicopter View endlessly:

  • Drag&drop  widgets or groups of widgets
  • Customize the size of each widget
  • Duplicate widgets or groups of widgets to save time
  • Retrieve all your modifications thanks to the history function and get back to a previous version if needed

Easy sharing of your results

You can share your dashboards with other members of your team on MakeMeReach.

And you can export all your Helicopter View data in a very easy to use excel sheet.

Better reporting tool leads to better performances

The Helicopter View has been tested by Beta users at MakeMeReach and the benefits are indisputable.

  1. Users save a lot of time to monitor their campaign AND to share results with their colleagues/clients
  2. Users understand much better their performances and can perform actions directly in the view (like close a campaign group or change a campaign group’s objective)

By giving you a better display of your KPIs, we want to enable you to outperform your social ad campaigns.

QuentinDoche.png"We can adapt the filters and widgets we use in order to only display the results we want to have access to. This is a great way to have a better understanding of the performances of our campaigns for one particular client. The possibility to share these dashboards will also ensure us that everyone working for a particular client has access to the same level of information. "

— Quentin Doche, Social Media Campaign Architect at Social Lab.

To help our clients save time, we've also developed a library of pre-configured Helicopter Views. Depending on your vertical or on your objectives, these very easy-to-use dashboards will help you maximize the Helicopter View's benefits.

Want to see some Helicopter View Examples? Click Here!

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