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From Sevilla to 'Parcelona': meet Marcelo, our Senior Business Development Director - Europe

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12 Apr, 2017


To allow you to dive in the MakeMeReach spirit and history, we have launched ‘MakeMeAStar’, a series of portraits introducing the great people who work for our company! After our dear Prachya, let’s meet another rockstar: Marcelo, our Senior Business Development Director - Europe!

Cheerful, warm and always up for a joke, Marcelo is your typical Spanish guy. He is very proud of his origins and more particularly of Sevilla, his hometown. Living between Paris and Barcelona to manage the whole Business Development team at MakeMeReach, his job allows him to enjoy wine & cheese and vermut & jamòn both in the same week, plus the extra business trips along the way! This privileged position rewards not only a great education but also the bold choices he has made professionally throughout his career.

"When I came to France, my goal was to go as far as possible in the online industry’

MakeMeReach_Blog_MakeMeAStar_Marcelo_Interview_Facebook Marcelo at Facebook Headquarters

When Marcelo entered the job market, it was far from the digital advertising sector. After a Master in Administration and Business Management at Sevilla University and a MBA at the Sevillan Chamber of Commerce, his first job was actually in a company specialized in industrial manufacturing as a Key Account Manager. Marcelo stayed there for 4 years but he had more expectations, more ambition for his career and he could feel he needed to reorient himself professionally to accomplish that.

Marcelo decided to quit his job and to leave his hometown for Paris - even though he didn’t speak a word of French! – in order to find a job in the booming online sector, where the French technology is a pioneer. He managed to land a position at Lengow, a French e-commerce startup where he officiated as a Business Developer for the Spanish market. There, he learnt how the online business works while perfecting his French and, when the time felt right, he reached out to MakeMeReach and was hired as a Senior Business Development Manager to take care of the company’s expansion in Spain.

From developing the Spanish market to directing the whole Business unit

MakeMeReach_Blog_MakeMeAStar_Marcelo_Interview_Photo_Team_Croatia_Trip_5 2015: Souvenir from the offsite in Croatia

He remembers his first weeks at MakeMeReach were crazy: ‘I had to learn everything in such a fast pace as I had to be ready to do a pitch in front of 200 hundred potential clients one month after I arrived’. Looking back at things, Marcelo realizes that it is because of that level of intensity here at MakeMeReach that everyone is pushed to raise his game and become ‘work machine superstars’ – his words.

His great work was rewarded as he got promoted as Senior Business Development Director - Europe after two years working at MakeMeReach. Marcelo’s main duties are now to take care of the general numbers of the company in terms of margins, and especially to follow up on new prospects and clients. For that, he has to keep motivated his team of 6 Business Developers to reach their targets, an international team scattered on the continent so they can work as closely as possible with the clients and understand their needs and get their feedbacks properly.

MakeMeReach_Blog_MakeMeAStar_Marcelo_Interview_Photo_Team_San_Francisco_2 Part of the Business Development team in a business trip to San Francisco

Therefore, Guillaume and Adrien work from Paris headquarters and cover the French and Benelux markets; Nicolo is in charge of the Italian business development and lives between Paris and Milan; Helena is dedicated to Spain and Portugal and is based in Barcelona where MakeMeReach opened an office nearly two years ago; and Benjamin is established in Dubai to expand the company’s activity in the Middle East. And that does not even include our future opening markets yet!

“So far, we have always achieved 100% of our quarterly objectives”

Aside from weekly meetings and individual quarterly targets, managing such a dispersed team requires giving a lot of flexibility and trust to its team members as well as being very reactive to their different needs. On that matter, his role as a big brother of three siblings helps him give direction to the whole unit: “My type of management is more related to my concept of family. As the eldest of four children, I like to advice my brother and sisters and drive them; and I behave the same way with my team.”

MakeMeReach_Blog_MakeMeAStar_Marcelo_Interview_Photo_Team_Spain_Twitter_Party Marcelo with Nacho and Helena, Business Developers for the Spanish Market at MWC Twitter Party in Barcelona

It seems to pay off as new clients keep joining the MakeMeReach’s community everyday. For Marcelo, this success can be attributed to two factors: on one hand, the efficiency of the product, thought, designed and updated regularly to remain user-friendly; and, on the other hand, the will of the team, and the company generally, to nurture the relationship with the clients. On that latter, the creation of the marketing department at MakeMeReach will “certainly help us scale but we will nevertheless remain close to our clients, because this is in our DNA.”

MakeMeReach_Blog_MakeMeAStar_Marcelo_Interview_Photo_Massage Marcelo, a firm believer of 'A healthy mind in a a healthy body'

In the near future, as Prachya envisions it too, Marcelo sees MakeMeReach getting stronger in its current markets while expanding in new countries. And while the company keeps getting bigger, he pictures himself growing within it and he is certain that his fellow business developers will also have the opportunity to evolve here. “I am really proud of working at MakeMeReach and my personal evolution is the proof that, if you work hard, the company will realize it. It’s all about meritocracy.”

If you are interested in joining MakeMeReach, we have openings in Marcelo’s team as well as in the company generally!

And in case you wonder if Marcelo remain team Spain or has now joined team France:


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