Focus on YellowKorner, an historical partner of MakeMeReach

Here at MakeMeReach, our core value is to make our clients happy, not only with the performance they manage to reach thanks to our collaboration but also with the relationship we have built and nurtured through time with them. ‘It’s in our DNA’, as Marcelo pointed out in his portrait.

YellowKorner is a long-time partner of MakeMeReach. Present in 20 countries, the French company sells limited edition art photography both in store and online. Since 2015, YellowKorner has entrusted us with the management of their social ad campaigns. Benoit Courtade, Head of Digital Marketing, reflects on how the company has scaled over the years and how MakeMeReach, as a key partner, has supported its expansion.

Do you want to benefit from our expertise in social ad campaign management?

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