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MakeMeReach to be showcased at the F8!

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18 Apr, 2017


As a vetted Facebook Marketing Partners, MakeMeReach has been invited to the F8, the 8th edition of Facebook Developer Conference organized each year in California. On April 18th & 19th, developers and businesses are gathered in San Jose to explore the future of technology and how Facebook connects the world through new products and innovation.

With more than 50 sessions and interactive experiences, it offersMakeMeReach the opportunity to not only meet with other Facebook experts and the Facebook team itself but to also throw light upon our own expertise as a social ad tech solution provider. 

"Our partner MakeMeReach has built on top of our API to enhance the creative testing abilities."

- Facebook

MakeMeReach has thus been selected to be showcased during the F8 for its work on Canvas, a social ad format recently released on Facebook. The ad format is an immersive and expressive experience that allows businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products on Facebook. We were actually one of the first Facebook Partners to offer automatic tools for Canvas campaigns creation and management which enables our clients to launch their Canvas campaigns in a minute, such as the library of creatives:


The feature we developed has been praised by the social ad tech community for facilitating advertisers’ creative testing. On that matter, Adweek has cited our solution in their article on the Canvas Creation API launched on April, 3rd, 2017. MakeMeReach will therefore be showcased during the 'Create Fullscreen Experiences on Mobile with Canvas' session which is scheduled on day 1 of the F8, Tuesday at 4 pm (GMT-7).

Introducing Ads in Instagram Stories through the MakeMeReach tool

The F8 will also be the occasion for MakeMeReach to present to the ad tech world the new features we have developed for supporting the creation of campaigns with Ads in Instagram Stories. Launched in March, we have already on-boarded 25 clients to test this new ad format on the mobile photo-sharing application – with amazing results!

Although clients did show a lot of enthusiasm for trying out this new experience to communicate with their audience, our mission was to facilitate the creation and the management of their campaigns. We really aimed at making our platform as user-friendly as possible so our clients can easily set up their campaigns with this new ad format and that is how we came up with Stories Center.

This custom solution that we will promote throughout our presence at the F8 is an online pinboard where you can see all your stories at once. The MakeMeReach Stories Center eases reporting by visually pointing out which creative is working and which one is not. It is driven entirely by visuals, making easier for users to retrieve specific creatives, and to directly perform actions on the campaigns associated. Not only can users filter and sort creatives based on performances, but they can also directly perform actions such as to edit the bid or to pause the ads using a specific creative.

Capture d’écran 2017-04-18 à 10.23.27.png Asos' Stories Center: are indicated in green the creatives with great performance and in yellow the ones which unperformed on the two KPIs chosen by the advertiser

Using the MakeMeReach platform, Good Rebels also tested the new Instagram ad format. The objective was to have a cost per video view of €0.01 maximum; they eventually reached a cost of €0.002 in just one week, which is 5 time less than what they expected. The team was also very impressed by the CPM: for an average campaign on social, they expect the CPM to be at a few euros. Here the CPM is only at €0.30! Good Rebels is now working on new creatives to launch new ads campaigns in Instagram Stories and to continue to innovate and delight their clients’ community.

Canvas and Ads in Instagram Stories are today a very attractive and effective type of ads. Using the MakeMeReach platform, users can launch them in a minute: automated creation flow, libraries of creatives to retrieve former assets, automated A/B testing tool… All our features enable brands to test this new ads right away.

Can't make it to the event? Discover MakeMeReach

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