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Meet Clément - our Captain Jack Sparrow of Client Services!

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4 May, 2017


Clément is a self professed nerd. He loves "coding, androids and real computers - PCs". His career choices definitely went along with that and enabled him to make his way to the top and to become Head of Client Services here at MakeMeReach.

A rocketing career in the mobile sector

Clement graduated from CELSA, a top French Communications School in 2010. After a few work experiences in the advertising field, Clément left Paris for London where he landed the position of Account Manager at Fetch, a very young agency specialized in mobile advertising, which was at the early stages of its development at the time.

The sector eventually boomed with the popularization and the democratization of smartphones. Fetch’s activity got bigger and bigger and Clément was named Head of Operations in the meantime to follow up and support the growth of the business. After three years working for Fetch, Clément came back to Paris to run user acquisition campaigns for AppGratis. His knowledge on mobile and technology in general was - and still is - a valuable sought after skill and it is certainly one of the reasons why he joined MakeMereach.

"The days I don’t like is when I come back home and have the feeling that I haven’t achieved anything."

Clément’s role is first to ensure customer success. As MakeMeReach has flourished in new markets in Europe and also in the US and in the Middle East, its clients have scaled too, with global social media strategies to define. With time, Clément has developed privileged and long-term relationships with them, providing his support and expertise to address their issues. It’s meaningful for him to keep nurturing these relationships and to onboard and train new clients as well because it’s his ‘way to keep a foot in the field and remain close to the clients’.

IMG_0985 Clément with MakeMeReach's cofounders at the F8, the 8th edition of Facebook Developer Conference in California

As you can feel, Clément is a do-er, this is probably why he likes being involved in operational decisions. Nevertheless, as for Marcelo managing the whole Business Development team, Clément’s role at MakeMeReach is now above all strategic to improve our activity as a social ad tech solutions provider. Aside from operations and meeting with key partners, a lot of his time is therefore dedicated to management and strategic planning - which implies recruiting the best talents.

"I would have loved being a teacher, I like to make people learn something."

Back in 2015, Clément had 3 people in his team. Now, they are 15, organized in three teams with dedicated tasks: technical support, self-service and managed-service. This figures keeps growing as the company scales. Indeed, as Prachya told us, the Client Services department continuously needs new reinforcement to handle the onboarding and the daily support of more and more numerous clients. 'We are the fastest growing team of the company because we onboard an ever growing amount of clients, and provide existing ones with an extensive service across a wide array of products, let them be MakeMeReach’s or those of our partners'.

17125342_242518922876399_5693991362970517504_n Champions League and pizza night for the whole MakeMeReach team  (Clément on the top left)

Choosing the right people to build the future of MakeMeReach and set the right foundation for what comes next is not an easy task. And, for Clément, it works on both sides: being a good manager and a good mentor that shares knowledge to his team members is significant to evaluate himself as these team members will eventually grow in the company and get more responsibilities. ‘One of the key personal goal I have is that the people on my team, when they look back at their time at MakeMeReach, will remember what they have learnt and achieved from working by my side. I hope they will think it was a pivotal moment in their career’.

As you have read, Clément is hiring! Check out our vacancies here!

And if you want to know the kind of nerd Clément is:


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