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MakeMeReach becomes a Snapchat Partner!

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11 May, 2017

We are thrilled to announce you that we have been vetted as an official Snapchat Partner! From today, the new integration on the MakeMeReach platform will allow all our clients to run campaigns on Snapchat and to benefit from the expertise of our team on this very fast growing social media platform.

Snapchat, a must-have for video advertisers

According to Snapchat Internal Data, over 160 million people use Snapchat everyday. Snap Ads are a must-use format for advertisers to reach young people as they count for more than two thirds of its audience and are very active users. Snap Ads therefore represent a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach this population known for being hard to get attention from.

RVB de base

The format itself is also very interesting: Snap Ads offer the magic of sight, sound, and motion — in a format truly made for mobile. Snap Ads begin with an up to 10-second vertical video, and then offer the option to add an interactive element one swipe away. It’s your story and the choice to learn more, in one simple package.

Two thirds of Snap Ads play with the sound on, and all Snap Ads are full screen, helping them command up to two times more attention than video ads on comparable platforms. Moreover, Ads on Snapchat come in many shapes and sizes to fit marketers goals: video view, Mobile App-Install, Awareness, and Web Traffic.

4 formats web snap

Snap Ads are very well perceived

To help its customers understand why and how Snapchat ads are new opportunity for them, MakeMeReach worked with the IFOP (The French Institute of Public Opinion - a leading international polling and market research firm), to ask users about their habits and perception of ads in Snapchat.

Among others, this survey reveals that 55% of Snapchat users remember seeing an ad in Snapchat. And this percentage goes up for Millennials as 74% of users under 25 can recall ads in Snapchat. Advertisers who know how hard it is to get ads recall will definitely be impressed by these high metrics, especially on the Millennials target whose attention is particularly hard to catch.


A very large majority (61%) like watching ads on Snapchat. 30% even watch ads until the end, which is higher than the average on other networks. The positive perception of Snapchat ads is definitely due to the ad format itself: users have the ability to swipe the ad, and thus, they consider the Snapchat ad less intrusive than other ad formats.
69% think that having the choice to watch or not the ad makes the Snapchat ad more appealing than other social networks’ ads. That’s a real asset for Snapchat!


Consequently, the survey showed a huge impact of Snapchat Ads on the purchase intention:  71% of users say that an ad on Snapchat can influence their desire to buy the product.

This new partnership with Snap Inc. marks a new milestone in the MakeMeReach story. After integration with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the new partnership completes our offer as the ultimate social ad tech solution provider.

If you need more information on our integration with Snapchat, you can download our press release and our focus on Snap Ads here.

And here is our complete infographic on Snapchat users and their perception of Snap Ads:

Infographic_Snapchat_users_and_perception_of_ads _MakeMeReach_Study_IFOP

Want to try out Snap Ads on the MakeMeReach platform? Discover Ads on Snapchat Here

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