Focus on Cheerz, a long-time partner of MakeMeReach

As a social ad tech solution provider, MakeMeReach aims at supporting as much as possible its partners to achieve their goals. As Prachya said, ‘our core value is to make our clients happy’. That implies building strong relationship with our clients and listening to their needs to be able to answer them perfectly. As YellowKorner, Cheerz is one of our long-time partners who we work with hand-in-hand so they can reach their main objective: performance.

The French print website&app enables you to print your photos directly from social accounts in an easy, quick and effortless way. To run and optimize its campaigns, Cheerz has chosen to drive them in self-service through the MakeMeReach platform .
Tiphaine Denis, Head of Traffic Acquisition at Cheerz, reflects on how MakeMeReach is a key partner to manage her campaigns, not only as a tool in her daily work but also thanks to her account manager and his support along the way.

Do you want to optimize your campaigns with our state-of-the-art social ad tech solution?

CTA Try out MakeMeReach

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