MakeMeSnap! contest: watch out for our story today!

Header MakeMeSnap

As we announced last week, MakeMeReach has officially become a Snapchat partner! To celebrate this new milestone in the MakeMeReach story,  we are organizing the MakeMeSnap! Contest, in which advertisers can win their first ad campaign on Snapchat!

You want to test Ads in Snapchat? You want to be the coolest Snapchatter on the beach this summer ? Well, MakeMeReach offers you the possibility to win your first Snap Ads campaign and a pair of Spectacles with the MakeMeSnap! Contest!


We encourage you to try out Snap Ads so you can benefit from their amazing audience of 166 million daily active users! Take advantage of our MakeMeSnap! Contest so you can launch your first campaign for free!
– Pierre-François Chiron & Pierre-Lou Dominjon, co-founders of MakeMeReach.


To participate, it’s simple: 

1. Add us on Snapchat:
search for MakeMeReach or scan our Snapcode above
2. Watch out for our story today
3. Be the first to take up the challenge!

Good luck to you!

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