Meet Romain, our epic tech developer at MakeMeReach!


So far in MakeMeAStar, we have highlighted the sales and the customer service teams with the portraits of Prachya, Marcelo and Clement. Today, focus on Romain, one of the developers in the product team at MakeMeReach.

Hired just over a year ago, everything suggests that Romain was made for integrating our international company as a FullStack Developer. Managing both foreign and programming languages, the trilingual EPITECH graduate is a native of Spain, grew up in Agen and studied in Bordeaux, Beijing and Paris.

His training and previous professional experiences helped him become a very versatile developer, which has, in turn, enabled him to integrate MakeMeReach right after school. Today, he tells us about his experience at MakeMeReach and his feelings after a year in the company.

What do you do exactly at MakeMeReach?

I am a FullStack Developer which means that my daily work is to improve the MakeMeReach platform and thus meet the needs and demands of our clients. Why FullStack? Because in the team, there are front-end specialists, back-end specialists and the FullStack developers of the team are here to make the link between the two and to implement features from end-to-end. However, this structure within the tech team is not fixed. We learn to manage all the requests – creation, management, display of statistics, creation of audience… everything that includes the application. And everyone in the team is expected to be able to answer these requests.

It seems that your web developer profile is quite sought after. What prompted you to choose MakeMeReach rather than another company?

Indeed, I had several proposals and I had precise criteria in mind to which they had to respond, including the atmosphere and a stack, technos with which I particularly wanted to develop. Not only did MakeMeReach fulfil these criteria but, besides the attractive salary, the feeling I had with the members of the team was very good during the interviews.

Romain enjoying a drink with some of the tech team.  From left to right: Antoine, Vincent, Baptiste and Nicolas.

And now, after a year, are you satisfied with your choice? How has your position changed?

Very satisfied! I have evolved a lot in my job, you learn a lot here as a developer because the product itself is constantly being improved. In short, the company is growing rapidly and everything has to go very quickly so that the tool can be the most efficient possible, which makes the work very stimulating and especially formative because you are always challenged in your daily work. Getting that load of work at a fast pace allows you to genuinely gain in competence.

And, on a team level, how does it work? How do you co-ordinate as a team since you are working on a product that is constantly evolving?

It was quite new to me to join an experienced team. Indeed, in my previous professional experiences, I usually coded alone. I nevertheless adapted quickly to this new way of working. In terms of coordination, it is precisely to facilitate teamwork and better coordinate the work carried out by each member that we have switched to strict typing. This imposes on us all a way of coding and allows us to make no mistakes. You might feel like you are locked into lengthy processes by forcing structured and rigorous code at all levels, but once you get used to this stack, you start coding with your eyes closed.

And when you develop a feature that works well and fits perfectly with the whole application, you quickly realize that it is thanks to this process that the application remains stable while continuing to evolve with developments in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Snapchat who we have become a partner just a few weeks ago.
You know, it’s nice for the ego to say that you develop features and betas for these social media giants that remain first and foremost world-leading tech companies!

Well, on the criterion of stack and technos, we can say ‘mission accomplished’! What about the atmosphere then?

If we are so motivated in our job, I think it’s also thanks to the great atmosphere in the office, and especially within the tech department as we are a very cohesive team.
And, between the offsite in Courchevel beginning of the year and various events and after works regularly organised in our office, we do have the opportunity to know better the people who work at MakeMeReach and to have a lot of fun among colleagues. There really is a nice atmosphere that reigns here every day, especially at midday when everyone is having lunch and playing ping pong together!

So, you see yourself staying long term at MakeMeReach I presume?

In all honesty, with the future that is emerging for the company and the atmosphere there is in the office, I can definitely picture myself living the MakeMeReach adventure for many years to come, yes!

6 facts to know about Romain


If you are interested in working at MakeMereach, we invite you to take a look to our openings here. We will also be at VivaTechnology in June so come and meet us!

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