Focus on Social.Lab, a Belgian agency and historical partner of MakeMeReach

Not only MakeMeReach is a long-time partner of brands such as YellowKorner and Cheerz but we also work hand-in-hand with agencies that handle the paid social media of their clients. Social.Lab was a Belgian start-up agency when we started working with them 4 years ago. Now part of WPP, the agency has scaled over the years and is now operating in 10 countries with the support of our tool.

Mathieu Gillain, Global Head of Media at Social.Lab, reflects on how MakeMeReach has supported this growth over the years by being a key partner to manage the accounts and campaigns of all the agency’s clients, not only as a tool with automation in optimization and reporting but also as a technology counterpart with access to beta and innovations and the onboarding of new resources at any time.

Do you want to manage your clients’ accounts with our state-of-the-art social ad tech solution?

CTA Try out MakeMeReach

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