MakeMeReach Workshop: focus on Ads in Instagram Stories

MakeMeReach-Instagram Header - Workshop

After the workshop on Canvas in April, MakeMeReach is hosting a new exclusive workshop on Ads in Instagram Stories.

RDV June, the 30th – 9:30am to 10:30 am

With Julie Pellet, Brand Development Lead – Southern Europe at Instagram
and Prachya Butsiri, Head of Managed-Service at MakeMeReach

94 rue de Provence – 75009 PARIS

Also on Facebook Live

CTA - Reserve your seat today

Introducing Ads in Instagram Stories

With 200M+ unique daily users, Instagram Stories is a must-have in a marketing brand strategy. Indeed, using ads between stories to engage with customers enables brands to create an intimacy with people like never before. The format of the ad itself is also very seducing  as it is the first immediate full-screen and immersive experience. Instagram Stories ads are actually the first type of ad that allows full-screen 9:16 visuals on the platform and skippable ads appear between stories in a seamless transition. 

Stories can include a single image or a video up to 15 seconds long. The video format for Ads in Instagram Feed are already a great way to reach their target but, with roughly 70% of stories being watched with the sound on, Ads in Instagram Stories are really bringing video ad format in Instagram to a next level. 


During this 1-hour workshop, Julie and Prachya will share their expertise on Instagram stories, showcasing best results, best practices and tips for marketers who want to create efficient Ads in Instagram Stories campaigns.

CTA - Reserve your seat today

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