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Instagram rewards MakeMeReach with the 'Partner Innovation Award' at Cannes Lions!

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21 Jun, 2017


MakeMeReach was awarded by Instagram for its collaboration with Disney on Ads in Instagram Stories campaigns! This recognition rewards the great first results we had with our clients on this new ad format, especially thanks to Stories Center, a feature we develop so they can visually evaluate the performance of their stories and act consequently with a single click.

It’s hard to believe Ads in Instagram Stories have been live for nearly three months. As an Instagram Partner, we had the privilege to give our clients the opportunity to beta test the new format.


With 250M+ unique daily users, Instagram Stories is a must-have in a marketing brand strategy. Stories can include a single image or a video up to 15 seconds long. The latter is particularly interesting for Disney as it gives the opportunity to display best-quality video ads and theirs are directly inspired and created from trailer movies. So with a very wide audience and the creative opportunity that they offer, Ads in Instagram Stories are a very seducing innovation for Disney.

On April, 26th 2017, Disney premiered the sequel of its 2014 smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. In order to cover the demand of the franchise growing fan base, the distributor offered the possibility to pre-order seats online through the movie’s dedicated website. To push this opportunity to avoid the lineups, Disney’s marketing teams decided to leverage Instagram’s new ad format Ads in Instagram Stories.


For the latter, they created three videos and wanted to test them in order to see which creative performed best with MakeMeReach optimization tools. And then, they allocated the budget on the creatives with the best KPIs.

In that, our Stories Center feature was very helpful.This custom solution we developed is an online pinboard where advertisers can see all their stories at once and visually assess which creative is working and which one is not. It is driven entirely by visuals, making easier for users to retrieve specific creatives, and to directly perform actions on the campaigns associated.  Not only can users filter and sort creatives based on performances, but they can also directly perform actions such as to edit the bid or to pause the ads using a specific creative.

Capture d_écran 2017-06-13 à 18.11.06 The KPIs are in green when they are above or equals the objective set
and they are in yellow when they don’t.

The results of the campaign speak for themselves! Ads in Instagram Stories reached a CPM lower by 38% compared to Instagram Feed. And the team were especially impressed with the CPL as it was 5 times lower from Instagram Stories to Instagram Feed!

The overall Disney campaign was phenomenal both in terms of creative quality and performance, which convinced Instagram to reward MakeMeReach with the 'Partner Innovation Award' during the Cannes Lions for its Stories Center feature and its overall work as an Instagram Partner on Ads in Instagram Stories!


Congratulations to all the people at Disney and MakeMeReach for this award!

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