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28 Jun, 2017


MakeMeReach has been committed to delivering the best-in-class automation since its creation. As of today, one of the new ways to automate your campaign management on MakeMeReach is to use Zapier, which enables you to "move info between your web apps automatically".

On our platform, all our automations can be triggered by native metrics, such as CTR, CPA, Spent, Date, etc. On top of that, we also allow triggering automations with more advanced metrics and signals, such as custom calculations (e.g. ROI) or external signals, whether they are business metrics sent using our Server to Server feature, or metrics sent by official 3rd parties like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Google Analytics, Eulerian and others.

One of our latest integrations to aid in our clients' campaign management on MakeMeReach is with Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect MakeMeReach to other systems easily. Zapier is the business equivalent of the very useful consumer-centric IFTTT.

The Zapier integration allows you to start/stop specific campaigns based on any Zapier trigger. The number of Zaps – a Zapier set of triggers and actions – that can be used with MakeMeReach is endless… but here are some of our favorites!

Start/Stop a Facebook Campaign based on Weather

One of the key reasons for using Zapier is to trigger campaign starts based on several aspects of the weather in a specific location. For instance, starting a campaign when the temperature is above a certain threshold, or if the day is going to be rainy or windy. The Zapier weather utility is a great, cost-effective, and easy way to start experimenting with weather rules and syncing Facebook Ads with weather.

weather_campaign_makemereach_zapier A campaign based on weather run via MakeMeReach with Zapier

Start/Stop a Facebook Campaign based on a Google Sheet’s metric

If you’re not able to integrate with the MakeMeReach Server to Server API directly due to a lack of developer resources, you can use Zapier to trigger your campaigns based on your own business metrics.

For instance, you can trigger a campaign start using a Google Sheet combined with Zapier’s Filter utility, with a rule like this one:

sales_campaign_makemereach_zapier A campaign based on sales run via MakeMeReach with Zapier

In the above example, we want to start a campaign but the number of sellers in our marketplace is too low. In other words, our goal is to increase liquidity, so we need to trigger campaigns by adding either buyers or sellers, depending on current needs.

Start/Stop a Facebook Campaign when a MailChimp Newsletter is sent

If you’re planning to announce a new product to your existing customers, and want to target them cross-channel, you could send a MailChimp newsletter to your contacts AND target them as a Facebook custom audience. Sending the newsletter would trigger the Facebook campaign directed at this audience so as to increase readership and awareness about the new product.

Start/Stop a Facebook Campaign when a specific keyword is used on Slack

It seems crazy to manage Facebook campaigns via Slack? Well you can, with Zapier. Just set a magic keyword to trigger your Zap, and it will start or stop your campaign. Again, this would leverage the Zapier Filter utility to ensure only a very specific keyword will trigger the Zap.

Start/Stop a Facebook Campaign when a Trello card is moved to a column

If you’re a Trello fan (who isn’t?), and want everything in columns, why not manage your Facebook campaigns as if they were cards? With Zapier, Trello & MakeMeReach you can easily do so.

Stop a Facebook Campaign when your site is down with Pingdom

One of the worst things that can happen with online advertising is driving traffic to an unresponsive site. You lose money, you get “I don’t want to see this’d” on Facebook, and your relevance score will take a big hit. This will impact your campaigns even after your site is back up. The good news is, you can stop campaigns based on Pingdom alerts, which will avoid this unwanted situation!

Start a Facebook Campaign when a Hubspot or blog post is published

Your PR team told you they would release an announcement at some point on Sunday, and they absolutely want you to promote it right after its publication. That Sunday, you will be at SXSW with no charge left on your iPhone. What should you do? Easy. Trigger the launch of the campaign using Zapier and enjoy the music.

To summarise, the Zapier integration is a great way for non-developer users of MakeMeReach to easily add external triggers to manage their campaigns. MakeMeReach’s integration with Zapier is currently in beta testing, so contact your Account Manager if you already have a Zapier account to get started. If you’re looking for a more powerful and custom integration than the Zapier-based one, don’t forget that we have an API that will allow more powerful and tailored integrations.

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