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Meet Jessica, Senior Key Account Manager at MakeMeReach

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21 Jul, 2017


When we asked Jessica what she is very good at, she answered ‘Languages!’ straightaway. Fluent in Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English and French, even though she would never admit it for the last point, Jessica is one of our most multilingual team members, which is definitely an asset in her daily work as a Senior Key Account Manager. Let’s see how our Star of the Month made her way to this critical position here at MakeMeReach.

An expert in social media in the making

A solid education in world-leading schools

Jessica comes from China and grew up in the city of Guangzhou, next to Hong Kong. She is graduated from Sun-Yat Sen University, one of the top-three business schools in the country where she studied Marketing for 4 years, concluded with a prestigious internship at Procter & Gamble.

Pasted image at 2017_07_20 04_11 PM.png Jessica and her college friends at HEC Graduation Day

Then, Jessica really wanted to complete her education abroad so she applied to several masters in Europe. Her language skills and high grades got her in HEC Paris, the n°1 European Business School, enrolling in the MSc Marketing.

A first strong international experience in social advertising

Afterwards, Jessica got the opportunity to work at Rocket Internet in Paris where she was in charge of all the social paid performance of Jumia, the largest e-commerce website in Africa. By managing the Facebook advertising of most of the English-speaking African countries where Rocket’s venture was implemented, this experience made her a genuine expert in Facebook advertising campaigns, especially when it comes to campaign creation, optimization and user acquisition.

A praised Key Account Manager by clients

Early times at MakeMeReach

When Jessica arrived at MakeMeReach 2 years ago, the clients were mostly based in the French market at that time. So it was not her command of several languages that got her hired by MakeMeReach at first; it really was her knowledge of paid media with her previous experience in the sector.

But when the company signed a global deal with BlaBlaCar, Jessica was naturally put in charge of the account and onboarded the whole team. As the company kept scaling, the Clients Services team got more and more global clients to support and her language skills were definitely an asset to support clients worldwide.

Promotion as Senior Key Account Manager

After a year working at MakeMeReach, Jessica was among the team who onboarded Socialyse, the social media solution of Havas Group.

IMG_2720 Jessica with Guillaume and Adrien at Facebook HQ in Amsterdam

She was dedicated to the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Dubaï and Singapore markets, which implied lots of travelling over the year in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt, New York and so on, not only for the onboarding but also for the trainings and recurrent catch-ups to be sure her Socialyse counterparts are comfortable with the tool and are making the most out of it.

With praised reviews from her clients, Jessica was promoted in early 2017 and is now handling Socialyse worldwide on their activities through MakeMeReach, along with the accounts she was already in charge previous to that promotion.

A close relationship with clients, key to customer success

‘I can literally draw the MakeMeReach platform.’

No doubt that Jessica is an excellent Key Account Manager. Why? She might be the one to best answer this question. “Well, there are many aspects of that but first and foremost, I think my expertise in running Facebook campaigns enables me to give useful recommendations.” That certainly also has to do with the 2 years working on MakeMeReach tool on a daily basis. Jessica knows the platform by heart as she “could do a demo and a training with her eyes closed and no laptop.” It enables her to quickly evaluate any situation her client is in and to provide effective solutions and support.

An approachable Key Account Manager

Personal skills are at the cornerstone of her good relationship with clients. Apart from the facts that she is working for a great company in a fun environment with so many diverse business trips and great colleagues, the part of her job in which she takes the most pride of is in overcoming the many challenges of constantly delivering top support to her clients, as this sets the ground for a strong and efficient relationship to thrive with them.

15285097_10154768302977445_892225820757307606_n MakeMeReach Christmas Party '16

Pasted image at 2017_07_20 04_10 PM

"Technology is cold, and what we can provide is warm. And that is what will make your clients close to you as they perceive the platform through you as a person, someone they know, someone they can talk to. And maybe, at some point, robots will replace lots of jobs but they won’t replace the temperature that we can give as real human beings and that’s why there will still be Key Account Managers."

Six things to know about Jessica


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