5′ for 5 tips to a successful social ads campaign


According to a study by Mediakix, people spend an average of 35 minutes everyday on Facebook. Last June, Facebook communicated that they crossed a milestone of 2 billion monthly-active users.
So if you’re doing paid acquisition and still wondering how you should use social channels to take up the infinite opportunities they offer, just take 5’ to read our 5 tips.

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The Performance Impact of MakeMeReach on Sephora’s Facebook Ads

Header Sephora

To give you a better vision of how you can get the best out of your social media investment by working with MakeMeReach, we want to throw light upon some of the great collaboration and campaigns we ran with our clients. This week, let’s highlight the performance impact of MakeMeReach on Sephora’s Facebook Ads in the Middle East.

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Meet Adrien Z., Account Executive at MakeMeReach


Adrien might be only 23, but he has already been working at MakeMeReach for nearly two years now, managing the social advertising of some of the biggest accounts of the company. Now in the first steps of his promising career, Adrien tells us about his background and his daily-life as a young Account Executive here at MakeMeReach. Read his story. Continue reading

Focus on Puressentiel, the leading healthcare brand on social media

As a social ad tech solution provider, MakeMeReach aims at supporting as much as possible its partners to achieve their goals. As Prachya said, ‘our core value is to make our clients happy’. On that matter, Puressentiel, the leading brand in natural healthcare, wanted to build the biggest community online in the healthcare sector and reached out to MakeMeReach to achieve that.  Continue reading