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Meet Adrien Z., Account Executive at MakeMeReach

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6 Sep, 2017


Adrien might be only 23, but he has already been working at MakeMeReach for nearly two years now, managing the social advertising of some of the biggest accounts of the company. Now in the first steps of his promising career, Adrien tells us about his background and his daily-life as a young Account Executive here at MakeMeReach. Read his story. Matching features of character with MakeMeReach’s DNA

Adrien (1).gif Adrien's swag demonstration at MakeMeReach last offsite

Adrien’s dream is ‘to build {his} own company one day’. Born and raised in Lille’s suburbs, he naturally followed business studies and entered EDHEC Business School with a major in Entrepreneurship. As he said, ‘I like undertaking my own things.’ It is actually one of the reasons that drove him into working for small companies, where you get plenty of responsibilities. 

On that matter, Adrien chose to do his first internship at Mister BnB, which was inits very early stages of development back then. As Community Manager of the renting platform built for the gay community, Adrien learnt there to interface with customers coming from all over the world and to handle their diverse requests and demands. This first experience in a fast-growing company confirmed his appeal for working in startups where reigns a strong team-playing spirit and where you get hands-on all sorts of project together.

An internship at MakeMeReach turned into a first job

Adrien was first hired at MakeMereach for a 6-month internship. His mission was to assist Prachya and the Managed Service team in their campaign management. He did not know much about social media buying but, in 6 months, Adrien learnt by doing, with great support and training from his mentors. And, at the end of the internship, the new talent was confirmed as Account Executive.

Adrien is now in charge of some of the team’s biggest accounts, including Puressentiel, the leading brand for healthcare on social media and  the e-commerce powerhouses Tristar.

‘I really enjoy seeing my colleagues everyday’

Snapchat-1310772291 Afterwork snap with Marcelo

After nearly 2 years, Adrien still feels challenged everyday in his work, whether it’s by the management who ‘push you and motivate you so you want to give your best’, or by himself as he really takes pride into ‘scaling {his} clients by delivering more than what they expect from {him}’.

The fact that everyone is ready to help out one another clearly sets a great atmosphere in the company’s offices.’ And, more than enjoying the MakeMeReach spirit, as a doer, Adrien is one of those who keep nurturing that bond between colleagues by regularly organizing a soccer game or a drink after work, ‘clearly {his} two passions in life’!


6 things to know about adrien z. 


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