The Performance Impact of MakeMeReach on Sephora’s Facebook Ads

Header Sephora

To give you a better vision of how you can get the best out of your social media investment by working with MakeMeReach, we want to throw light upon some of the great collaboration and campaigns we ran with our clients. This week, let’s highlight the performance impact of MakeMeReach on Sephora’s Facebook Ads in the Middle East.

Sephora can be entitled as “The Ultimate Beauty Destination!” in the Middle East.


Launched in the region in 2007, Sephora has become a leader there and has now 31 stores in five markets (UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait). Not only Sephora stores display a wide range of leading worldwide brands but it also houses its own brand: Made In Sephora. On the advertising front, to drive purchase both online and in store, the French cosmetic retailer entrusts OMD MENA with its social media investment.

The collaboration between OMD and MakeMeReach on the Sephora account started in June 2017. In only three months using MakeMeReach, OMD can already see a strong improvement in terms of performance!  Compared to May 2017, the results of the Sephora Facebook Ads campaign from June to August speak for themselves:

Chiffres Sephora

These very promising results achieved in only three months convinced OMD MENA to continue operating through MakeMeReach on the Sephora account.The agency is now using the ad tech solution for other accounts of their portfolio.

Stanislas Brunais, Senior Director – Performance at OMD MENA: “MakeMeReach tool helped our team improve a lot the performance as the great user experience and reporting dashboards save so much time in managing and reporting on the campaigns.”

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