5′ for 5 tips to a successful social ads campaign


According to a study by Mediakix, people spend an average of 35 minutes everyday on Facebook. Last June, Facebook communicated that they crossed a milestone of 2 billion monthly-active users.
So if you’re doing paid acquisition and still wondering how you should use social channels to take up the infinite opportunities they offer, just take 5’ to read our 5 tips.

1/ Leverage the power of Facebook ad targeting


One of the biggest advantages of advertising on Facebook is the ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people.

  • Location targeting allows you to reach customers in key locations by country, state/province, city and zip code.
  • As an advertiser, you can refine your ad’s target audience based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles, such as age, gender, relationship status, education and type of work they do.
  • Interest targeting lets you define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and pages they like on Facebook.
  • Behaviors are activities that people do on or off Facebook that inform on the  device they’re using, purchase behaviors or intents, travel preferences and more.
  • Custom Audiences lets you target Facebook Ads to existing customers or prospects using information you already have (more details below).

2/ Target Your Existing Customers with Custom Audiences


If you already have your own database of customers (email, phone number, address), you’re able to upload it on the MakeMeReach  platform and it will automatically match the people on your list to people on Facebook.

Using a Custom Audience is the best way for you to reach new or potential customers with current sales and promotions for example.

You can create your Custom Audiences using the following:

  •    Your customer file, e.g. a list of Facebook users’ IDs, emails,phone numbers, etc
  •    Your website traffic, e.g. visitors of http://www.makemereach.com for the past 180 days
  •    Mobile app activity, e.g. people that have registered in your application
  •    Your product interactions, e.g remarketing for people that added to card for the past 180 days
  •    Your service interactions, e.g remarketing for people that searched a specific destination for the past 180 days
  •    Engagement activities on Facebook, e.g. people that have interacted with a video, a canvas, a lead form, a page or your messenger.

3/ Create a List of Clones Based on Your Existing Customers with Lookalike Audience


Lookalike Audiences is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your existing customers. At the core of all lookalike audiences is a source audience upon which you build a lookalike audience. Facebook takes all of the data points of your source audience and finds new, similar people using a set percentage sample (which you specify) of the population in your chosen country.

Facebook will look at all the profile data of the people in your custom audience and create a new list of Facebook users that share similar interests and demographics.

Lookalikes generally are the best performing type of targeting in any campaign that we have run.

4/ Run your ads on both Facebook and Instagram


Instagram is one of the available placements for your Facebook campaigns, using the same targeting capabilities and algorithms.. It is highly recommended to combine Facebook and Instagram in the same adset so that Facebook can optimize and find the people that are most likely to conduct a certain action across these placements.

It is easy, and no Instagram account is needed. Additionally, MakeMeReach provides a media cropping tool for you to quickly adopt the same images from Facebook to Instagram.

Running ads across multiple placements should provide lower cost per outcome than advertising on a single platform or even trying to manually allocate budget across platforms.

5/ Test multiple ads with Split Testing

The split test feature helps you avoid overlapping the targeting of two or more campaigns/adsets. This is especially useful for cases such as:

  •  A/B testing to test which ad, bid optimization, etc, works better on a certain population.
  • Avoid the overlap of two campaigns which have a high chance of targeting the same population

When you use this feature for A/B testing, you need to create at least two campaigns/adsets with the same target audience.

You can also test different creatives in the same campaign. For that, you first run small amount campaigns leveraging different formats or creatives  so you can evaluate which ones performs better and then reallocate your campaign budget with that information in mind.

Thanks to our unique creative editor, equipped with advanced design and editing tools to help you maximize the visual effectiveness of your campaigns.

From targeting to creatives, the possibilities of Facebook ads are endless to develop a strong social ads strategy in order to achieve your goals. MakeMeReach can take your social ad to the next level!

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