Why you should use a FMP?


“FMP” stands for Facebook Marketing Partners. You might be using a tool or working with one of these companies without even knowing they are part of this ecosystem. We took the time to look at this network to understand why and how FMP can be leveraged.

Facebook Marketing Partners are vetted for excellence in specific fields that are complementary to Facebook native tools. Whether it’s managing campaigns at scale, improving measurement or reaching new audiences, they build the next generation of tools and services on Facebook platforms.

Thus, almost 200 partners are using Facebook APIs to create innovative solutions on top of Facebook native tools in more than 45 countries. Each partner is answering one specific need. 7 categories can be found on the FMP Directory and businesses can find partners with expertise in particular countries and industries.

7 different categories of FMP

The Facebook Marketing Partner platform sorts companies into 7 categories:



1. Ad Technology: to get help with your creative, audiences, budgets and schedules, not to mention reporting and measurement.



2.  Community Management: to better manage pages and conversations.




3.  Creative platform: to create original, high-quality content at scale.


4. Small Business Solutions: to get help and amplify your existing efforts when it comes to CRM, email, marketing automation and more.



5. Audience Onboarding: to leverage existing customer databases to find your best customers on Facebook, and then find more people who are just like them.



6. Audience Data Providers: to reach people based on offline actions, such as being a homeowner or shampoo buyer or to target people likely to be interested in your product, even if you don’t have customer data.



7. Measurement: to help you measure business results for real people, across devices and channels, using the metrics that matter.


Vetted for expertise and results by Facebook

Facebook Marketing Partners are painstakingly vetted not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success.

To earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, each prospective Partner must demonstrate excellence in at least one specialty, in at least one major country. Facebook reserves the right to grant or remove access to the Program at its sole discretion.

This gives you the confidence to move at the speed you want, knowing you’re working with a proven partner. Facebook does the legwork for you, so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Capture d_écran 2017-09-25 à 14.44.06
Example of Success Stories you can find on the directory to better understand the FMP solutions. MakeMeReach with M&M’s. Complete case here.

Save time and focus on what really matters

Facebook Marketing Partners can help you be more efficient & get more value when working with Facebook.

If you’re running several ads on Facebook, you know how some tasks can be time consuming. As a human, your added value is on strategy, new campaigns ideas or clients relationships for agencies; you should not spend time re-uploading the same creative or re-writing the same text every time you want to launch an ad.

AI from FMP tools can help you duplicate, automatically A/Btest, or easily adapt a creative to different ad formats. It can also analyses in real time and simultaneously all your ads to automatically optimize them for better performances: budget reallocation, new targeting… The main goal is for you to deploy more campaigns with little to no manual work.

Because FMP can also be crossed platforms (i.e. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter…), you can automate your campaigns management based on the same rules for all these channels. And you’ll also get cross channels reports: so you won’t spend time trying to compare different KPIs or budgets in different currencies, these platforms give you immediate and real time insights on all your social media ad campaigns.

Get the support you deserve

How to implement your pixel, why you could test another ad format, how to engage your community…FMP have teams of experts specialized in each field and able to answer all your questions, even the most difficult ones. Most of them offer email, chat or a dedicated account manager to help you on a daily basis. Something native tools cannot do as they serve millions of customers worldwide.

Stay on top of social media innovation

As official partners, these companies are the first to know about innovations. They have access to Facebook betas and can offer you to test new products even before their official launch. They are also part of Facebook product brainstormings and often participate in innovation contests.

MakeMeReach receiving the Partner Innovation Award from Instagram at the Cannes Lions. Complete article here.

They are aware of all important news in terms of product updates, new formats, best practices, and can share this knowledge with you, in order to put you at the cutting edge of social media tech.

Working with an FMP is very useful as soon as you have a specific objective in mind, and as soon as you feel you need to scale the way you manage your Facebook pro account. Even if it has a cost, our study shows that at the end, the deal is definitely beneficial taking into account all the time you’ll save and how your performances will increase.


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