Podcast Episode #1


MakeMeReach welcomes you to the first ever social ad tech news podcast!

Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Monday morning commute. 

If you prefer reading to listening we’ll be posting the transcript of each podcast at the end of the week!

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Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social media world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that’s trending.

Nothing’s worse than having to constantly return to your home screen when you’re switching apps. So Facebook just came up with a solution. You can now conveniently launch Instagram directly from the Facebook mobile app through a direct link to users’ Instagram profiles on the main navigation menu. Click the link and Instagram will launch into its main feed. This is yet another example of Facebook keeping it all in the family and merging their two insanely popular properties. Seems to be working. In August, Comscore ranked Facebook and Instagram in the top 10 apps with mobile penetration in the U.S.

But Facebook is also starting to play more in the real world. Last week they launched new ad tools to help businesses capture offline customers. Thousands of brick-and-mortar stores can now target their ads to people who’ve engaged offline, say through visiting their stores or calling up a customer service rep. The new ad tools also allow businesses to reach customers who have visited their stores in the past and perhaps didn’t find what they were looking for. These tools come from Facebook data acquired from people with location services enabled on their phones.

It’s time to get immersive. That’s the idea behind Facebook’s latest tweak to their Collection ads. They’re introducing Canvas templates on the mobile ad options, which means users can now see more lifestyle-driven images and videos and then tap on the recommended products below. So say you’re watching an ad of runners huffing and puffing. Now consumers can be directed to a pair of new shoes right under the video. The big goal for this push? Grab new customers, show off goods or, of course, sell products. The new templates are rolling out to advertisers in October.

The high of watching a great, creative ad can often be replaced by the low of swiping up and finding a static mobile site. And that’s exactly what Snapchat wants to prevent. Snapchat announced they’re making ad destinations even more compelling by building out custom Instant apps, games, and videos. Making landing pages more exciting might get Snap’s audience to stay on sites longer and swipe up on ads even more often, driving better results for businesses. Plus, they’re also working on connecting advertisers and influencers via ad campaigns. A match made in social media heaven.

Finally, Facebook spent some time saying they’re sorry this week. Recent news reports revealed Facebook’s ad tools could be used to target ads towards hate groups, and people who used anti-Semitic terms in the Education and Employer fields on the social network. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg issued an apology, saying “Hate has no place on Facebook” and calling it “a fail on our part” and that they never intended or anticipated their functionality being used that way. She also said they’re working on new ways for users to report offensive ads, which could hopefully prevent these issues in the future.

Well, that’s all the social news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you.


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