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2 Oct, 2017


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Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social ads world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that’s trending.

It’s amazing to think that just a little while ago Instagram Stories didn’t exist. Now it’s impossible to imagine Instagram without it. This week Insta announced they have 800 million monthly users on their platform—that’s quite a jump from last month, an uptick of 100 million more users, in fact. But perhaps even more impressive is that500 million people use it daily. And their time spent watching video has gone up 80 percent since last year—great news for all two million advertisers on the platform, who are loving the Stories’ innovation and ability to reach so many people on an immersive full-screen format, right in users’ hands. Well-played, Insta.

Meanwhile, Facebook is cracking into another ceiling. The tech company just made it to the top 10 list of Best Global Brands in a report released by Interbrand last week. This is their first time on the list, which was dominated by tech companies like Apple—who was number one—and Google—coming in at number two. They say Facebook’sbrand value went up 48 percent in the last year, a testament to its financial performance and ability to influence customers and grow each year. Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global chief executive officer, made sure to note that we’re living in one of the most exciting periods of change—and that the best global brands understand that brands are the platform for growth. Facebook certainly got the memo. Wonder where they’ll come in on the list next year?

Now this is interesting. Facebook also unveiled this week a new way for advertisers to measure their ad performance across platforms. Specifically, television. They’ve joined up with Nielsen, the TV data experts, for what’s called the “Nielsen Total Brand Effect with Lift.” Now advertisers will be able to see how their ads are doing on the social platform compared to TV, and judge the cross-platform results. The product has already rolled out to eligible advertisers in the US and the UK and can be discussed with advertisers’ Facebook reps. More data is always a good thing.

Feeling extra chatty? Twitter’s got your back. The social network expanded its tweet limit to 280 characters this week, and the world took notice. The rollout is only in effect for certain languages —they said the idea for the expanded text box came after noticing users writing in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean rarely went up to the 140-character limit, because their languages could convey much more info in fewer characters. But users writing in English apparently hit the 140-character limit much more often so Twitter wanted to give people writing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French more room to share their thoughts. That they did. Right now only a handful of Twitter users got the upgrade—and yes, they made sure to brag about it to all their followers. For now, the company says this 280-character expansion is a little test to see if the idea deserves a platform-wide rollout. So stay tuned.

One ad you should know about this week was for Sainsbury’s—and it was different from anything they’d ever done before. The supermarket chain shot the entire ad on Snapchat spectacles and distributed it to 10 million—yup, 10 million—Snapchat users in the UK. The 10-second spot was incredibly mobile-friendly and proves that brands from all over the spectrum can choose wisely when it comes to social ads.

And finally, get ready to advertise in an AR world. Snapchat has opened up its 3D World Lenses to advertisers, which means they can now add AR capabilities to ads through the outward-facing camera. Snapchat added 3D objects to the platform earlier this year, but opening it up to advertisers is a game-changer, and they can be targeted to users nationally, and by age, gender, and more. These AR Lenses are incredibly popular—yup, we’re talking about the dancing hot dog emoji—and have been shown to increase brand awareness. Don’t forget, people are snapping over three billion times a day. Just imagine the possibilities.

Well, that’s all the social ads news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you. This podcast has been made by MakeMeReach, the most advanced platform to scale your social ads.

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