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Success Story: Supporting the scale of BUX trading app

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2 Oct, 2017


BUX is the 'casual trading app that brings the fun back to finance'. Founded in late 2014, the Netherlands-based start-up grew rapidly and expanded to other European markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy.

MakeMeReach BUX adIn less than 3 years, the app is now available in 8 countries, having recently launch in Spain. To support this exponential growth, Bux decided to invest in social advertising, in particular, ads on Facebook and Instagram. The team reached out to MakeMeReach, just after they started leveraging Facebook as a channel of acquisition.

What made Bux choose to work with MakeMeReach instead of another Ad Technology Facebook Marketing Partner?

The answer is MakeMeReach’s reporting and automation tools! In fact, the simple user experience and dashboards allow BUX to save time in campaign management and reporting. MakeMeReach works cohesively with BUX to allocate their social budget between social media platforms. As a result of this collaboration, one quarter of the app's installs were generated through the campaigns driven by MakeMeReach across the 8 countries where the app is available.

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These amazing results were only made possible by scaling BUX’s social media investment, which not only supported their growth in existing markets but also opened up new markets along the way.

"Working together with MakeMeReach has allowed us to rapidly scale our user acquisition through social advertising. Their level of support is top-notch and the platform offers a very efficient way to manage campaigns at scale in multiple countries and languages."

Discover how MakeMeReach can help you scale your social ads Download the full case study

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