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Only on MakeMeReach: Dynamic Homepage

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4 Oct, 2017


Here at MakeMeReach, we aim to change the way advertisers run their campaigns on social media for the better. We participate in creating the future of interaction between brands and people. In order for our mission to succeed, we build innovative unique, features on our cutting-edge platform and we improve them every day so our partners can get the most out of their advertising investment. Today, let’s focus on our Dynamic Homepage.

A custom homepage for your needs

Our dynamic homepage leverages the Helicopter View, a powerful data analysis and reporting tool we developed that allows users to generate dynamic reports, using data from all their ad accounts. The Helicopter View gives our clients a complete understanding of their ads' performances, even if they're using dozens of ad accounts on different networks!

The Dynamic Homepage is entierely customizable, displaying your key metrics from the moment you log in . To create your customized homepage, you have several widgets inside a container and those widgets can be of several types, including but not limited to: Pie Charts, Line Graphs and Campaign Lists. This means you can create multiple widgets in multiple containers, and apply specific filters at each level. From there, you can chose several widget types, and select the KPIs you would like to report on. Each widget's data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Capture 1 Here is a homepage leveraging Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Campaign List and CTR rate KPI widgets, all in one glimpse.

Three cases in which our Homepage is a real time-saver

Cross-platform management

As MakeMereach is vetted by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as an Official Partner, you can follow the all your ad campaigns' perfomances in one place, no matter which social media platforms you advertise on. The widgets enable you to compare or isolate the insights coming from all the campaigns you are running on the different networks.

DynamicHomePage_screenshot This is an example of homepage with the Spent (left) and the CPC (right) per Traffic source aka platform partner.

Cross-country management

The custom reporting homepage allows you to evaluate the performances of your running campaigns properly and also adapt and optimize them from these results in just a few clicks. This feature is an efficent time-saver when it comes to multi and cross-country account management, offering you an overview of all your ad campaigns across countries and accounts at a glance. You can choose to display the reports in any single currency of your choice due to MakeMeReach's integration of real time conversion rates.

Take the example of BUX, "casual trading app that brings the fun back to finance". Founded in late 2014, the Netherlands-based app grew rapidly, having recently reached a 1 million user milestone and is now available in 8 European markets. MakeMeReach's dynamic and custom home page has managed to ease BUX's daily reporting by offering them a clear overview of all their campaigns across countries. Thanks to this unique tool, they can visually pinpoint the critical KPIs and other crucial information related to their campaigns.


Multi-account management

When you’re managing several products, markets, or clients, (in the case of agencies), the Dynamic Hompage offers a primary tab displaying all your data, and market / product specific tabs with a filtered campaign list. You can filter the Campaign List widget the same way you could filter any kind of widget. For example, if the filter is set at the ad account level, each tab will depict the campaigns of specific ad accounts.

You can also monitor the administration of each account by handing over the reigns of your campaigns to specific members of your team, or even other individual users. Therefore, our multi-account management makes it easy to trade and manage multiple client accounts simultaneously. It facilitates the simple navigation from one account to another, while also allowing you to share report information of a specific account to a specific client, without having to disconnect or reconnect every time.

Capture-d_écran-2017-09-20-à-12.29.51 An example of what an agency homepage could look like. Here, the campaign list works with three level i.e. the account, the type of campaign and the campaigns with the selected KPIs.

The MakeMeReach homepage enables you to have a complete view of all your clients’, products and / or campaign results at a glance. Whether you are a performance marketer, brand manager or an agency working with MakeMeReach, you will have complete control of your homepage with customize dashboards and time-saving, pre-formated widgets.

Discover the Dynamic Homepage today! Try Out MakeMeReach

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