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14 Oct, 2017


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Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social ads world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that you need to know about.

Holiday shopping is right around the corner and Instagram is ready to play Santa. The social network is expanding its e-commerce in a big way, thanks to an integration with online shopping site Shopify. Now merchants can tag their posts with direct product links, which take users straight to their online store to buy—without leaving Instagram. These product tags are only for physical goods right now: think food, clothing, electronics. Shopping on Instagram is only visible to U.S. users but is expected to roll out everywhere after testing is complete. Instagram also debuted another new feature for Stories: it’s a poll sticker that allows users to ask questions and see their responses. Get ready to make your voice heard.

Once again, Facebook gathered some of the brightest minds in the biz at their Global Partner Summit last week in San Francisco. The theme? Build beyond. Most of the discussion centered around customer segmentation and how to take products further. Susan Buckner, director of product marketing at Instagram, called out MakeMeReach during her speech called Roadmaps: Instagram Products, highlighting our Instagram video ads work done in collaboration with Raymour & Flanagan. Specifically, she said the campaign of taking video assets and stacking two squares atop one another were an effective way to drive home a message and engage the consumer. Aw, thanks, Susan! We thought so too.

Snapchat is getting into the art world game—and they’re starting with one of the most recognizable artists of all. Snap’s launched a new augmented reality platform that allows users to see famous art “pinned” in locations around the world. The pop artist Jeff Koons is onboard, and his work—including some of his famous balloon animal sculptures, can be seen across Las Vegas, Sydney, and Paris. If you’re standing around somewhere and using Snap, you’ll see a special Lens which allows you to experience museum-quality work out in the real world. Other artists can also apply to have their artwork added to the platform—so anyone who wants their work to be in front of millions would be smart to investigate.

Imagine never having to remember a password again. Facebook could make that a reality. They’re testing out a new facial recognition feature that allows you to log-in and verify your account with, well, your face. It works like Apple’s Face ID and would be used when you’re trying to confirm you own your account on a device you’ve already used before. It’s also a smart new way to deter hackers. Facebook confirmed that, like most of their new products, they’re testing it out for now. But who knows, if the process is super simple and helpful, we might all be logging in with our faces soon enough.

YouTube’s got a big new tool box. The video platform launched a bunch of advertiser-friendly tools recently in order to help you get more of your ads in front of the right people. Online video ads are already three times more successful in grabbing users’ attention than classic TV ads, but the video platform is getting even smarter. A new tool called Custom Affinity Audiences gets more specific than demographic targeting, and targets ads to people based on their searches, not just where they live or their age or other stats. This tactic has proven more effective in ad recall lift and brand awareness. YouTube also wants to make it easier for companies to create campaigns, and launched Director Mix—you upload some creative, like videos and voiceovers, and YouTube will create different videos for different audiences. They also launched a video ad sequencing tool, and a new sales lift measurement. The purpose is to put even better ads in front of the right people—and know exactly what the outcome is. Welcome to the future.

Well, that’s all the social ads news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you. This podcast has been made by MakeMeReach, the most advanced platform to scale your social ads.

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