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20 Oct, 2017


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Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social ads world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that you need to know about.

Snapchat wants you to know more…and more…and more. Now users can find even more info through Stories—they can now read restaurant reviews, book reservations, or even grab an Uber or Lyft directly through the app.  This update is on cards featured in “Our Stories” —a little pop-up that says “More” comes up with all the helpful data. The extra details come from Snap’s new partnerships with OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Resy, Foursquare, Uber, Lyft, and more. What this also means, however, is the ability to capture much more advertiser data. Now that people don’t have to close out of Snap to make a reservation, they’ll probably be spending more time in the app. And all of Snap’s user-generated video content could give the little ghost a leg up over the photo-driven Yelp. This big move for Snap helps them diversify their offerings. Let’s see where they take it in the future.

All hail Twitter, for they have heard their users’ cries! The 140-character platform is debuting a new “save for later” feature, so you will no longer have to email yourself a link or screenshot a tweet. People have been asking for the ability to bookmark tweets for the future for a long time. And don’t worry, it’ll be private, so you don't have to worry about someone peeking at your favorites. Now that people don’t have to email themselves links or copy and paste them into another app, this may mean the platform’s 300 million users will be spending more time on the app which, of course, is great for advertisers.

Are you ready for VR? Facebook sure is. They debuted their second virtual reality headset last week, just in time for the holiday season. The Oculus Go is wireless—no annoying cables here—and retails for $199. That’s two hundred dollars cheaper than their other headset, the Oculus Rift. At the Oculus developer’s conference, Mark Zuckerberg said, “Oculus Go is the most accessible VR experience ever.” Its biggest competitor would be something like the less-expensive Samsung Gear headset. Zucks said he wants to get one billion people using VR. If and when that happens, advertisers should be thinking about how to push their ads in a new virtual reality world. Time to jump onboard the VR train!

Amazon wants to level up. With online video advertising expected to grow to a $27 billion industry this year—up 23 percent from last year—it looks like they want a bigger piece of the pie. Amazon’s two video platforms are Amazon Video Direct, which launched in May 2016, and Twitch, a favorite of gamers. They’ve been having conversations about how to make sure ads show up on relevant and safe content, and partnering brands with producers to make sponsored content, according to CNBC. And while Twitch has 100 million monthly viewers, most of them made gaming-related content…until now. They’ve launched a category called IRL to hook non-gamers and advertisers, but Twitch’s user base still doesn’t come close to YouTube’s 1.5 billion monthly viewers. Amazon’s coming from behind: YouTube offers more data on ad performance, and its ads are audited to make sure all that data is correct. Plus, YouTube ads are still less expensive than Amazon’s, despite playing to a much larger viewer base. Hmm. Baby steps, Amazon. Baby steps.

Dove’s Facebook ad was the talk of the town, and now the model in the middle of the storm is speaking out. The short clip for body wash showed a black woman removing a dark shirt and turning into a white woman wearing a lighter shirt. People on social media called the ad racist and said it looked like a before-and-after, with the first woman being “dirty” while the second one was “clean.” The first model wrote in The Guardian that she could see how the snapshot was  misinterpreted, since Dove has faced a backlash in the past.  But she also says the "overarching objective" of the ad was to "use our differences to highlight the fact that all skin deserves gentleness.” Either way, this should be a lesson to advertisers to make sure their messaging comes through loud and clear—no matter how short you cut your ad.

Well, that’s all the social ads news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you. This podcast has been made by MakeMeReach, where social ad experts level up.

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