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28 Oct, 2017


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Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social ads world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that you need to know about.

Feeling hungry? Facebook to the rescue! You can now order food for pick-up or delivery directly from the Facebook app, which is kind of ideal for late-night snackers and web surfers. They have been testing the feature for awhile, but it’s finally rolled out to everyone under the “Explore” menu. Facebook isn’t going it alone—they’ve partnered with online services like Eat Street,, and Slice, among others, and have even struck up deals with restaurants including Jack in the Box, Denny’s, and Chipotle. This is just the latest step for Facebook into the delivery world. Last year they rolled out the option to order from certain restaurants’ official Facebook pages. Happy late-night dining, everyone.

Instagram is embracing all the colors of the rainbow. You know that little blue bar at the bottom of Insta ads that typically has a “call to action” to learn more? Now, instead of always being blue, the bar will change to reflect the main color in the ad. The benefits for advertisers are three-fold: their main image or video will pop, ads will look less obvious, and more ads can be shown in a user’s feed without it looking oversaturated with blue bars that scream “this is an ad!” Smart, Insta, smart.

Facebook wants to get down with the teenagers. Is that what the kids say? Get down? Anyway! Facebook just acquired the app TBH, which was a big hit after its August launch. Teens were flocking to the anonymous feedback sharing app, which encourages friends to say nice things about each other. TBH was at the top of the iOS charts and already has over five million downloads. It’s free, by the way. While the ages of Facebook users are creeping upwards, this is a smart way for Zucks and co. to stay relevant with the powerful teenage demographic. Our prediction? Look for TBH to grow even more in the months to come.

Take a closer look at your Twitter timeline and you might see something new. Twitter’s rolling out an ad format that’s all about video called Video Website Card. The little blue bird is saying it “combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more—or to take action.” How does it work? Basically, a video starts to autoplay, then opens up into a larger video and website preview, before users are directed to a website. There are a few benefits here—advertisers can capitalize on getting video views, or simply drive more awareness of a campaign. Get ready, folks. The cards have already rolled out.

Finally, Twitter and other social networks lit up this week as the major platforms for the #MeToo movement. Users tweeted the phrase to document their own experiences and encounters with sexual harassment. The movement was started after movie producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing women in Hollywood over multiple decades. #MeToo had over half a million mentions on the first day alone as people shared their own stories.  Almost 97 percent of the stories were shared via hashtag on Twitter, with one-third of the users from the U.S., and the rest from global sources, once again proving the power of social networks to help unite people under a collective movement.

Well, that’s all the social ads news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you. This podcast has been made by MakeMeReach, where social ad experts level up.

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