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Let's look at Ads on Snapchat

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2 Nov, 2017


Snapchat as an ad platform is becoming increasingly popular and with an average of 173 million active daily users around the world , it comes as no surprise. The original vertical and full-screen video, with constantly improving attachments, is customized to every brand's objectives.

On Tuesday the 31st October we had the pleasure of joining the team at the Snapchat office in Paris for a workshop on Snap Ads with added talks from Mindshare's social campaign and process manager, Amelie Vanderlindin and our very own Prachya Butsiri, head of the Managed Service here at MakeMeReach.

Image uploaded from iOS (3).jpg Olivier Debray, Senior Account Manager at Snapchat France giving us a demo!

Mindshare was one of the first to recognise the power of Snapchat as an advertising platform and this year they partnered with Warner Bros to promote the summer blockbuster Everything Everything on Snapchat for the Belgian market.

They employed creatives exclusive to the Snapchat format; "short form videos" targeting key audiences and invitations to swipe-up and watch the long-form content. According to a recent study conducted by IFOP for MakeMeReach, 69% of people particularly like the "swipe" feature in Snap ads. 

As Everything Everything is a movie targeted at the younger teenage demographic, Mindshare and Warner Bros experimented with playful calls-to-action shaped as flying rockets and balloons to better appeal to them. These invited the viewers to interact with the ads; they could swipe up and watch snippets of exclusive movie content.

Thanks to its innovative method of interacting with its users, the Everything Everything campaign on Snapchat achieved successful results for impressions and audience engagement.

Want to see all the results of the Everything Everything campaign on Snapchat ? Download the full case study

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