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Podcast Episode #6

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3 Nov, 2017


MakeMeReach welcomes you to the first ever social ad tech news podcast!

Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Monday morning commute. 

If you prefer reading to listening we’ll be posting the transcript of each podcast at the end of the week!

Why not have a read of Podcast #6 and get up to date with all the latest ad tech news  in just five minutes!

Hello, social ad-dicts! Here’s your one and only catch-up on what happened last week in the social ads world. We read everything so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest news that you need to know about.

The air is crisp, Starbucks red cups are hitting the streets, and pumpkins are everywhere. Yes, it’s true, the holidays are nearly here. What this means for marketers is a whole new world is about to open up. More eyes are going to be searching for that perfect gift idea on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, which means your social media content needs to rise above all the rest. As the holiday frenzy heats up, it’s important to choose where you place your campaigns—and what you’re saying. MakeMeReach has you covered. We’ll be releasing an e-book on Black Friday to help you understand everything you need to know about social ads during the holidays.

Brands are loving social these days. Social media ad spend is projected to be over $35 billion dollars in 2017, according to fortune.com, which is 20 percent of all internet advertising. What does this mean for brands? Big business, of course. Seventy-four percent of CMOs believe they’ll see a hard ROI from social investments this year, according to We Are Social Media. Facebook ads are proven to be 8.6 times more effective than web targeting. And of course Instagram is killing it too, with ad revenue predicted to hit $2.61 billion. Billion with a B. And Snapchat’s new ad platform is already gearing up to rake in $770 million this year. Not bad for what some people still think are “just a bunch of apps.”

Facebook wants to clean up the News Feed. Sort of. No one knows exactly how the platform’s algorithm works to rank content, but they’re trying to be more transparent by releasing a set of standards that Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of the News Feed, said is “more clear about what works and what doesn’t on our platform.” Nothing seems to have changed, but the rules say that hate speech and gratuitous violence aren’t allowed, and they demote “clickbait” content.

Facebook also released a statement about the News Feed test that was in six countries, in which the feed was split into two sections—one with posts from friends, and one with posts from Pages. This was just a test, they said, and there are no plans to roll this out elsewhere.

Facebook loves to work. After only a year, their Workplace network is now home to over 30,000 organizations across one million groups, which heats up the competition with enterprise collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft. This week they released a desktop chat application, and plan to roll out a group video chat feature on desktop and mobile. By putting all these features in one big package, Facebook is cutting down the need for workplaces to use other apps. That’s Facebook’s game: engage, engage, engage!

And finally, Facebook is still king of the mobile ad space. AppsFlyer has released its latest Performance Index Report, after analyzing six billion application installations and 80 billion sessions from the first half of 2017. The mobile analytics company, which is a partner integrated on the MakeMeReach platform, said Facebook was the top media source for app marketers worldwide. Let’s hope they’re celebrating!

Well, that’s all the social ads news that’s fit to swipe right now. See you next week for the latest updates and offerings that matter to you. This podcast has been made by MakeMeReach, where social ad experts level up.

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