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Success Story: TAP reaches new heights thanks to Dynamic Ads For Travel

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9 Nov, 2017

As the leading Portuguese airline, TAP is continuing to reach new heights. It has been awarded the World's Leading Airline to Africa and South America and Best European Airline for its brand excellence and quality of service. Credited internationally on social media, TAP is continuing to grow in the digital world. Having begun using social advertising to attract new customers and drive flight sales, Dynamic Ads For Travel was a natural step forward to retarget relevant customers with the right message.

mmr_blog_tap.jpgTheir two key objectives were:

  • Boost online flight sales with a low load factor
  • Promote Lisbon and Porto as stopovers for long trips to varying destinations (e.g Brazil and the US)

They reached out to MakeMeReach to help them achieve these objectives with Facebook's innovative tool for the travel industry; DAT. Dynamic Ads For Travel enables airlines to retarget those who searched for flights with going to specific destinations using customized and dynamic messages. It can also be employed to increase the volume of sales for flights with destinations that are not overly popular or full. Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 16.54.45.png

Thanks to MakeMeReach's automation tools, we were able to test different creatives related to TAP's two key objectives. The first, to boost sales to and from Portugal, required a creative with a message encouraging people to complete the booking. The origin and destination cities were specific to the user, based on the search they carried out on TAP's website. The second creative needed to highlight the advantage of having Lisbon and Porto as free stopovers on long flights for people who searched for flights outside of Portugal on TAP's website.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.10.19.png

After just one month TAP received hugely promising results from the DTA campaign which emphasise the value of this ad format for the travel industry. They managed to successfully achieve their key objectives with DAT, which at the time was only available through the MakeMeReach platform. They achieved 50% lower CPP compared to their previous website conversion campaigns in the Portuguese market and thanks to the helicopter homepage, exclusive to MakeMeReach they could continuously analyse their campaign performance.

Discover how Dynamic Ads for Travel can can scale your social ads and read about the hugely beneficial results for TAP.

Discover how Dynamic Ads for Travel can scale your social ads Read the full TAP case study

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