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3 new Pinterest features for inspired shopping

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2 Oct, 2019

As retail becomes increasingly dependent on digital to reach customers, brands need to deliver gratifying shopping experiences, bringing the parts of in-store shopping that customers love online to engage them and drive sales. Most people who are shopping want to do more than just transact. They’re looking for an emotional connection that gets them excited about a product, for a moment of inspiration. We attended Pinterest’s presentation at Lengow Day 2019 to learn more about how the network creates an inspired shopping experience for its users. 

Discovery & inspiration on Pinterest

As a place where people come to dream and plan everything from weddings to home renovations, Pinterest is truly a platform for inspiration. Pinterest users are searching for things to buy—new styles, accessories, home decorations—and they expect brands to be part of their path to discovery and to give them ideas. 

Pinterest-Lens-visual searchPinterest is designed in a way that facilitates and simplifies discovery. When it comes to shopping in general, people discover by looking. We’re sensitive to the visual, and Pinterest is a highly visual network. Visual search is an important platform feature, letting users start with an image as a search input to discover other, similar products and ideas.  

New and expanded features for brands on Pinterest help businesses both inspire users further, and convert that inspiration into purchase. 

Shop the Look ads 


Initially introduced as an organic feature, as Shop the Look Pins, Pinterest now offers Shop the Look ads. With this newest format, advertisers can feature multiple products in a single ad, letting users browse and discover many products from that one advertisement. This brand new ad feature will begin rolling out in the US over the coming months, but Shop the Look Pins are today available as an organic platform feature in many markets. 

New business profiles

Pinterest has also introduced more dynamic Business Profiles to help brands better showcase their products and Pins. Newly featuring a shopping tab, users can now shop for a brand’s items directly from the profile. These pages also feature a customizable profile cover, so brands can use photo or video to highlight their brand story. 


Catalogs and shopping ads


Finally, Pinterest has also expanded Catalogs to countries including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. This feature allows retailers to automatically create Pinterest ads from existing product catalogs. This way, brands can inspire with their products through actionable, shoppable Pinterest ads. 

Driving inspiration for holiday shopping 

BOOK_HOLIDAY_ADSThese new Pinterest features come just in time for you to leverage them as part of your cross-network ads strategy to inspire purchase and drive sales during the Black Friday and Christmas period. We just published an e-book that covers all you need to know about holiday advertising, from ad formats to audiences to where you should be advertising, and more. Download our Guide to Holiday Advertising today to get more out of your holiday ads!

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