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4 past campaigns to fall in love with this Valentine's Day

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7 Feb, 2018

Prepare for the warm fuzzies - we're a week into February and for couples far and wide that means one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! But it’s not just those loved-up individuals who look forward to Valentine’s Day with expectancy - brands big and small are running more and more innovative advertising campaigns each year, showing the love to their clients and reaping the rewards for themselves.

By way of inspiration, we wanted to share 4 stand-out examples of Valentine’s Day advertising campaigns run by some of our clients in previous years (In a rush? Skip down to the key takeaways at the end of each of the examples!)

1. L’Occitane en Provence see results with Carousel ads

L’Occitane en Provence, the leading French beauty brand, ran a series of Facebook carousel ads for their Valentine’s Day campaign in 2017. The carousel ad format allowed L’Occitane to showcase a number of different products at once, whilst trialling different combinations of products and optimizing based on results. Across campaigns run in several European countries, L’Occitane saw an average cost of purchase at just over 50% of their objective.

L’Occitane experimented with something slightly different in this campaign, by opening up their targeting to men. Since they knew they didn’t have much history in their Facebook ads account of targeting male audiences, they decided to let the Facebook algorithm decide exactly who to deliver the ads to, by including both men and women in the same ad set. Whilst the algorithm did in fact deliver ads to a greater proportion of women (around 87%), the average cost of purchase for men was around 18% lower.

L'Occitane Facebook Carousel Ad 1L'Occitane Facebook Carousel Ad 2

Key Takeaway: Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try something new! Use a holiday like Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to tweak an element of your campaign targeting, just as L’Occitane did.


2. #SarenzaShoeKiss by Sarenza

Founded in France in 2005, Sarenza is a popular e-commerce store selling a variety of shoes and bags. With their motto ‘Serious about shoes’, and a presence across Europe, Sarenza have run a number of very creative and successful campaigns with MakeMeReach over the years.

Valentine’s Day 2017 saw Sarenza run a competition on Facebook, where their loyal brand followers could go into the draw to win a weekend hotel stay for two in Paris. To enter, users were invited to comment on the post.

For this campaign, Sarenza chose a classic placement on Facebook News Feed on desktop and mobile, featuring a creative GIF as you’ll see below.

Engagement was what Sarenza was looking for with this ad, and they got it with over 300 comments and shares, whilst effectively using optimization tools in the MakeMeReach platform to keep Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) to around 60% of their objective.

Sarenza Shoe Kiss GIF Ad

Key Takeaway: Use a holiday like Valentine’s Day to run a competition-based ad with the goal of creating maximum engagement with your target audience.


3. WeddingWire Canada targets App Installs

WeddingWire Canada tapped into the love around Valentine’s Day by promoting installs of their wedding planning app. Launched in 2007, WeddingWire is the largest and most trusted online wedding and party marketplace in North America, connecting merchants with engaged couples and party planners.

Carrying the taglines ‘Every Day is Valentine’s Day with our App’ and ‘the Wedding Planner that will get you to the Altar’, the creatives worked well to identify key challenges for engaged couples around planning a wedding, at a time when love was in the air!

Wedding App Download Ad 1

Wedding App Download Ad 2


Key Takeaways: Major holidays can serve as a great excuse to promote installing your app. Deepen your relationship with prospects by moving to more app-based interactions, where you control the whole experience.


4. Wolfnoir is KIS (Keeping it Simple)

Wolfnoir is a Spanish sunglasses brand and online store, who ran a Valentine’s Day campaign in 2017 featuring a 30% off promotion code. Featuring a clean creative and the website URL positioned towards the top of the ad text, this example provided a clear user experience.

Wolfnoir Ad

Key Takeaways: Keep it simple! Make your call to action clear and concise and ensure the creative is clearly tied to Valentine’s Day.


We hope these examples have given you some inspiration for your upcoming Valentine's Day campaigns! Another MUST to ensure you get the most out of your Valentine's Day social advertising is installing the Facebook Pixel on your website. If you don't have it set up yet, you're missing out on valuable insights, analytics and remarketing opportunities!

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