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4 Things Cupid has in common with a top-notch social advertiser

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13 Feb, 2018

Well, Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away and all of us at MakeMeReach hope you are already feeling the love!

To celebrate this great holiday, we could have written you one of those classic blog posts about the amount of money spent on jewellery and flowers in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. But we decided to do something a little different, and (we think) a little more fun.

We’ve discovered there are some similarities between a top-notch social advertising expert and that embodiment of Valentine’s Day and all things love-filled - Cupid.

First, a little background on our chubby, winged friend for those of you who are hazy on the details: Cupid is the Latin god of desire, attraction and affection and is usually depicted as a rather plump toddler hovering around with a bow and arrow. He carries arrows with a sharp golden point, infused with the magical power to make their target fall deeply in love with the first person they see after they are hit.

So here are 4 things an expert social advertiser has in common with Cupid:

The perfect balance of Love and War

Legend has it that Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars, the gods of love and war respectively. So Cupid knows how to share the love in a way that is strategic and planned. Like great social advertisers, he picks his targets wisely and ‘strikes’ them with something they can't ignore. The best social ads are ones that think 'outside-of-the-box’, and deliver value in and of themselves, whilst being highly targeted and precise.

Keeps a bird’s-eye-view

With the help of his feathery wings, Cupid hovers just overhead to gain a better view of those he’s targeting. Great social advertisers do the same - they keep a ‘bird’s eye view’ of all the campaigns they are running at any one time and use this to efficiently optimize where possible. Here at MakeMeReach, our clients enjoy this kind of vantage point over all their social advertising, thanks to our Helicopter View tool. With the ability to collate and filter data across your various social accounts in a matter of seconds, as well as pull out cross-platform reports (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) and include external data (Google Analytics and our Mobile Partners), the MakeMeReach Helicopter View gives you unparalleled visibility. When you’re a busy performance marketer or agency, running a number of different campaigns, across different channels all at once, the fully-customizable dashboard in Helicopter View will give you confidence your not overlooking any details or opportunities to optimize.

Sharp shooter

Thanks to his bird’s-eye-view on things, Cupid is deadly (or lovingly) accurate. He rarely misses, just like great social advertisers. The best advertisers know how to reach the right audiences through the use of clever targeting. An example is one of our MakeMeReach clients, who sells exercise equipment specifically targeting the abdominals. As well as creating an audience around interests and behaviour closely associated with fitness and working out, our client discovered that targeting people who regularly go out to nightclubs was very effective. With the use of third party data from Acxiom, this client found a niche audience for their product outside of the classic ‘fitness’ space. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking, when building audiences, can turn social ad experts into ‘sharp shooters’, just like Cupid.

Works smarter not harder, thanks to Automation

During the Renaissance period in Italy, a sleeping cupid became a symbol of absent or languishing love. But we like to think Cupid had time to sleep because he’d finally figured out how to set up his golden arrows to automatically shoot people within his target audience! Smart social advertisers take a similar approach. Setting up automation based on your overall campaign goals will save you time and energy later on. For MakeMeReach users, the Automation Center provides the ability to automate all sorts of campaign elements, from budget allocation and reallocation, to automatic bid optimization and campaign scheduling.


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