AI recommendations: making cross-network optimization easy

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4 Feb, 2020

As a digital advertiser, you’re always looking for ways to further improve performance and get more out of your ad spend. It’s a constant search for the tweaks that could lead to fresh success.

AI-2MakeMeReach AI recommendations are here to simplify your life. With our AI tool, you get specific, actionable recommendations on how to optimize your campaigns in a couple of clicks. And best of all, the module functions across networks! How exactly does it work? And how could AI recommendations help your digital ad performance?

Taking action across networks

Plenty of advertising networks offer their own AI-based optimization tools. Google’s Smart Bidding, for example, is an automated bidding strategy that uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value. And on Facebook, budget optimization distributes budget to top performing ad sets in real time. 

AI recommendations in MakeMeReach go beyond any of these native tools to analyze your data and give you unique, actionable insights that are fully cross-network. 

snapchatNow including Snapchat!

Previously available for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search, AI recommendations now also work with your Snapchat ads. We’re excited to offer even more depth to the actionable insights you can get through MakeMeReach. 

How does it work?

The AI module starts by ingesting all of your campaign data from across networks. It immediately begins detecting anomalies—outliers, spikes, and trends—to figure out what's normal for your account and what stands out as unusual. Then, it analyzes data from all of your ad accounts to determine which factors influenced each anomaly to identify the best way to act on the opportunity. 

With this information, our AI algorithm finds opportunities for actionable growth: either positive trends to reinforce, or negative trends to fix. These opportunities can be anything that affects your ad performance, including:

  • Audience age, gender device, location, and interests
  • Time of day and day of the week
  • Bidding strategies and budget
  • Objective and optimization goal
  • Ad placements

AI module 3

For each cross-network recommendation, our AI suggests solutions so you can make your own decision and implement it. That’s one of the great features of our tool: the recommendations are automatic, but their implementation isn’t. The power stays with you, and you stay in control to make the final decision on any given recommendation. And once you do decide to implement a recommendation, you can do it directly in MakeMeReach—no manual work required! 

Where can AI help? 

What do AI recommendations actually look like on MakeMeReach? Here are a couple of examples! 

The AI might detect that your Google Search ads are performing better on a certain day of the week. It will then recommend that you raise the bid on that day to get more search volume and more results. To take action on the recommendation, all you need to do is click!

image (5)-1

As another example, the algorithm can automatically detect when an ad set is underperforming. In this case, it may recommend that you pause that ad set or reduce your bid, and use that spend elsewhere—and it will tell you exactly how much you’ll save in the process. 

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