MakeMeReach Automation Tools: Naming and Tracking

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28 Feb, 2019

To take your online ad performances to the next level, and save yourself a lot of time and manual effort, automation is crucial! The great news for MakeMeReach customers is that we have a suite of automation tools that give you almost unlimited options for improving the efficiency of your campaigns and account set up.

New Project (35)-1The MakeMeReach Automation Center can be your central hub for running automation rules and strategies, specific to your goals and business needs.

Below we give an overview of two major pillars of the MakeMeReach Automation Center: Naming Automation and Tracking Automation. Read on below for an overview of each, or click the hyperlinks in the previous sentence to access a more in-depth PDF document for each.

Save time - let MakeMeReach automatically name your campaigns, ad sets and ads

You know the importance of keeping your ad campaigns organized - and a consistent naming convention is key. Without it, your ad accounts can quickly become a mess none of your users can make sense of!

multi_accountsBut manually following a set naming convention for each campaign is repetitive and takes time - time that could be spent more productively.

Now, through the MakeMeReach Automation Center, you can set up Naming Strategies to automatically name your campaigns, ad sets or ads according to a specific template you choose.

naming1 (1)

Set up your template

Set up your template in the Naming menu of the Automation Center. Simply set parameters for each level of your ad account (campaigns, ad sets, and ads).



Define paramaters

You can start with our defined parameters or create your own custom ones! Custom parameters can represent anything from your product names to a particular promotion you are running. For each parameter, define exactly how you want it to be translated in your naming.

Apply the strategy

Once you set up your parameters, you can decide which ad accounts or campaign groups to apply this strategy to.


Get a full overview of our naming automation tool in PDF format.

Make tracking easy with automated URL setup in MakeMeReach

In digital advertising, tracking is crucial. Tracking Automation within the MakeMeReach Automation Center can help you save a lot of time and manual effort in the setup of tracking URLs.

audience (3)By creating a Tracking Strategy in MakeMeReach, you can transform your URLs to automatically add the tracking elements you need. Having the right tracking URLs in place will help you track where your ad traffic is coming from and identify ads that helped drive a specific conversion. And by automating your URL parameters, you’ll have a much more efficient way of tracking which link people clicked to get to your ad’s destination.

Tracking Automation can also be used to track your own conversions via S2S integration or to automatically transform your URLs to match your attribution partner. That way you can trust you have one source of the truth when it comes to attribution!

Create a new strategy

Name your strategy first, and then design your URL parameters.

tracking1Set Tracking Template

Let’s say you want to set up UTM Sources - simply input your parameter in the field, and it will be automatically added to the end of your ad URL!

Use custom parameters

Going further, you can use the menu at the right of the field to input custom parameters, such as the campaign name or the ad set placements used. 


Get a full overview of our tracking automation tools in PDF format.

See the Automation Center in action!

Interested in seeing how the Automation Center works in practice? Want to get a quick run through how to set up specific rules that could bring efficiency, simplicity and improved performance to your campaigns? Book a demo of MakeMeReach today!

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