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WATCH: Birchbox revolutionizing the beauty industry with MakeMeReach

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7 Jun, 2018

Birchbox is a pioneering beauty subscription service, offering subscribers a tailored monthly box of makeup, haircare, and skincare samples delivered right to their door. This innovative business model allows Birchbox customers to discover and fall in love with new products, all whilst enjoying a personalized experience.

At MakeMeReach, we're proud to have been a partner in Birchbox's success for a few years now.

In our video success story, Liberty Radice (Senior Marketing Executive at Birchbox) talks about her experience of working with the MakeMeReach product and team.


"MakeMeReach allows us to save time, accomplish our goals and reach our objectives. And there is also a huge amount of support coming directly from the MakeMeReach team" - Liberty Radice, Birchbox


Paid social is important to Birchbox, since it represents their biggest paid acquisition channel. Focussing mainly on Facebook and Instagram advertising, both within the Feed and in Stories, Birchbox places a large emphasis on ad creatives. Measuring which creatives are resonating best with their audience, and optimizing accordingly, is a huge focus for Birchbox.

The MakeMeReach platform makes this whole process a breeze! Learn how in the full success story video above.


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