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MakeMeReach delivers creative insights to Birchbox UK through stories ads test

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5 Feb, 2020

birchbox-1Birchbox is a gift that keeps on giving. Founded in New York City in 2010, it offers an online monthly subscription service box of four to five customizable samples of makeup, or other beauty related products. Keeping you up to date with the hottest beauty releases whilst saving you time and effort, Birchbox is the monthly surprise you don’t want to miss.

Stories ads

creativesStories have brought a new kind of spontaneity and authenticity to sharing on social, helping brands build regular connection and interaction with audiences both from organic and advertising approaches. The immersive, full-screen format relies on engaging, thumb-stopping creative that makes the most of the uniqueness of the vertical and highly personal space.

This means that for brands using Stories, and particularly Stories Ads, a major question has lingered: is performance better using highly polished, studio-edited videos and images, or could “self-recorded” creative be the key for brands to better connect with users and unlock this format’s full potential?

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As a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) client of MakeMeReach, Birchbox UK recently had the opportunity to run a test with Facebook to answer this specific question.

The studio-recorded video was filmed with a professional camera and used professionally crafted overlays (i.e. typography, stickers). The self-recorded video was filmed with a device camera, like the one on an iPhone, and used native overlays available on Instagram stories. Both were filmed with mobile video best-practices. The test was run using the split-test feature on MakeMeReach. 

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 14.22.19

The results

Both videos had a similar reach. But the self-recorded Stories ads were the real winner, seeing a higher number of subscriptions—58% more, to be precise—analyzed through our creative performance dashboard. This also meant a lower cost per subscription, which dropped by nearly 60% when comparing the studio-recorded ads to the self-recorded ads.

What the client says

partnership-1“We were excited to have the opportunity to run this Stories ads creative test with Facebook through our Marketing Partner, MakeMeReach. The results showed us that self-recorded Stories drove over 50% more subscriptions, which is invaluable information that we can take forward into future campaigns. Our close collaboration with Make Me Reach has helped us see great success on both Facebook and Instagram. They have provided the opportunities, tools, and support we need to reach our goals.” - Sarah Wilkinson, Marketing Director @ Birchbox UK

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