Introducing Canvas on Instagram

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6 Dec, 2017
MakeMeReach is delighted to announce Facebook’s unveiling of Canvas on the Instagram news feed today! Canvas is an interactive, full screen ad experience developed specifically by Facebook for mobile devices. The immersive format helps advertisers to achieve any objective by offering businesses a digital surface on which to paint their multimedia stories. The canvas experience is initiated with a click on a news feed ad. Up until now it was just available on the Facebook news feed and within Instagram stories.
Facebook's release of Canvas on Instagram opens up even more possibilities to create fresh and original ads that entice users to click on. This visually appealing format offers businesses the opportunity to create single photo, single video or slideshow ads.
Canvases are already helping advertisers achieve their goals on Facebook, whether they want to build awareness around their brand or promote their products.
The ad format’s release on Instagram offers businesses even more possibilities to reach their advertising objectives such as growing their website traffic or increasing their brand awareness.  Canvas on Instagram is available to all MakeMeReach clients to enhance their ad campaigns!
Canvas on Instagram features as one of the ad formats in our Ultimate Guide to Summer Sales Success. Learn more about how to level-up your social advertising campaigns this summer, with Canvas on Instagram and other innovative Instagram and Facebook ad formats! Download the guide now.
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