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Collection with Dynamic Ads on Facebook

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9 Feb, 2018

At MakeMeReach, we're constantly coming up with innovative solutions to improve our clients' experience with our service and help them get the most out of their social ads  investment. We believe the future of interaction between brands and consumers is through social ads and we are continuously building new features, exclusive to our cutting-edge platform, to bring that future closer.

We've helped our clients to create hugely successful campaigns thanks to efficient targeting with Dynamic Ads and innovative creatives using the Collection format. We recently decided to see if integrating the two could double the success.

Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA)
are a revolutionary ad product enabling advertisers to reach new customers and generate conversions from existing ones at scale, faster and more efficiently than ever before. A two part solution, Dynamic ads have changed the way advertisers can target and rank their products. The targeting feature means marketers can retarget the audiences with people who have viewed or added to the cart and broadly target an audience of shoppers whom Facebook identified as having an interest in the products they sell. In terms of product ranking, Dynamic Ads choose which products to show to which people based on an estimation of their likelihood to purchase.

dynamic ads targeting-090420-edited


Facebook_CollectionAdidas-1920Now let's take another look at the Collection ad format. Launched at the beginning of 2017, Collection allows users to browse more products and learn about more features of a specific product.  It pairs a hero image or video with a row of four products underneath to drive the user from inspiration to action with a single swipe. Advertisers already have the option of incorporating dynamic ads product ranking to select the four products but this new format focuses more on integrating the targeting features of dynamic ads into the Collection format.


We have achieved some successful results for our clients thanks to Collection with Dynamic Ads. As a credited Facebook Marketing Partner, we continuously offer the most promising ad formats  to our clients to boost their conversions and increase their brand awareness. If you would like to try out Collection with Dynamic Ads, contact us now!


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